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Planning for Top Quality Christmas Parties on a Budget

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We’re getting to that time of year when people are starting to think about their Christmas parties, what they’re going to wear, where they’re going, how much they can afford to spend and what the theme is going to be. Unfortunately, these traditional parties occur at a bad time of year – there’s enough expense around Christmas time as it is, but you just can’t miss out on “the party of the year” whether you’re a student, a mother of two or retired. 

The main problem for the person entrusted with the task of arranging the whole thing is usually a financial one. The company might set aside a budget for them to spend on the venue, entertainment, food and drink and whatever else they might need, but the planner also needs to consider the needs and financial restrictions of the guests – there’s no point blowing the budget on an expensive restaurant if people can’t afford the food for instance. 

Fancy dress parties are always good for a laugh, but the chances are that the majority of people attending will have to go out and hire a costume. With it being peak time for the fancy dress hire companies, they can charge what they like safe in the knowledge that the customers will still pay for what’s on offer, so if they have to buy a costume, ensuring that costs at the party are low is essential to prevent people spending hundreds on the night itself when you include food and drink. 

A smart casual theme is quite possibly the best as it allows people to “play dress up” and get glammed up, especially if there’s a relaxed dress code in the workplace. The ladies can go out shopping for new party dresses and the men can don the shirt and tie they bought with their Charles Tyrwhitt promo codes but never had a use for and pretend they’re James Bond for the evening! 

Whatever theme you go for as the organizer, you need to remember that the financial restraints aren't just around the party budget, but the guests as well. With Christmas presents to buy, the “big night out” with the team from the office could be something they'd choose to avoid if they have to pay a lot so a cheap and cheerful party could be the ideal option. Keep venue costs low and food and drink free and you'll be the best party organizer ever!

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