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How To Motivate Your Employees

English: Motivational Saying
English: Motivational Saying (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Motivating your employees can be one of the hardest parts of any manager’s job. Try as you might, you can end up feeling like your workforce don’t have shared goals, or are struggling to retain an interest in their jobs. There are several ways in which you can inspire your employees to be motivated and ready to give their best for their respective jobs, but all take time and require a strong dialogue to be opened up between different levels of management. Some of the best ways in which you can develop this process, and achieve higher levels of motivation, include: 

Create the Right Environment 

If your employees want to spend time in their workplace, then you’re already far ahead in terms of making them motivated. Invest in the quality of a workplace, and seek feedback on what can improve a space to make employees comfortable about where they do their jobs. 

Offer Shares 

A successful motivational tactic for many companies, offering shares in the company can make employees experience a stronger incentive to do well, as well as being able to receive the benefits of their hard work. 

Have Regular One to One Meetings 

This means taking the time to see people individually, rather than just relying on group situations where some people won’t be comfortable in bringing up private grievances. One to one meetings can also allow employees to learn more about their contribution to the company. 

Be Honest 

Being upfront with employees about why there are problems with a business, and suggesting ways in which they can help to improve these can instill a sense of belonging and shared spirit amongst a workforce. 

Provide Regular Rewards 

As well as giving out bonuses, set up schemes where regular rewards are given for good work. This might be as simple as awards for the week, or providing trips and gifts as incentives for completing quotas. 

Use Motivational Speakers 

Motivational speakers can be a great way to motivate employees due to your staff often being able to relate to situations the speakers have been in. Passionate and entertaining business speakers can have a great impact on employee morale and productivity. 

Be Flexible 

Showing that you trust employees enough to have flexible hours under certain circumstances, such as working from home on a project, can motivate employees to do their best when not in the office. Doing so also uses trust as a motivational tactic to make employees not want to let you down. 

Offer Training Schemes 

Employees will be more challenged if you are able to provide regular training schemes and opportunities for them to improve their skills. Making these part of a salary, and covering expenses, can benefit you and an employee if they are able to increase the value of their work. 

Make Sure Appropriate Praise is Given 

While keeping your praise appropriate, you can make the effort to send a personal email to thank someone for a job well done. Doing so prevents employees from resenting work for under appreciating their talents. 

Respond to Different Needs 

It’s important not to assume that a single motivation technique will work for everyone. Make the effort to know your workforce, and try to tailor different motivational techniques to individuals, as well as the group. 

Don’t Use Fear 

A small amount of fear over job security is useful, but without spilling over into creating a climate where employees are demoralized and resent management for creating too much pressure. Set clear goals, be strict when necessary over rules, but don’t go overboard. 

Author Bio: Liam Ohm writes about business, from hiring the correct keynote speakers to the latest financial trends. In his spare time he enjoys networking, socializing and travelling.

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