Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Simple Steps To Getting A PPI Refund

Payment protection insurance serves as a helping hand if you are unable to repay the borrowed amount due to illness or unemployment. They policy is also mis-sold by making lenders along with mortgage loan or credit card. The customer pays a huge amount without the knowledge of being insured with a PPI policy. Many PPI policies are mis-sold by the lenders so make sure that you get the right policy that serves your need. Talk with the lender and find out whether your credit has covered this policy. If you are one among the people who are suffering with this mis-sold issue then it’s the time to refund your ppi claim. 

Check out your claim: Firstly, it is important to know whether you have a PPI cover or not. If you feel that you are paying huge charges for your credit, contact the lender and ask for the credit reports. Analyse your payments. Take the help of the lender company and know whether you have the right to refund the compensation.

Know its status: If you owe the policy, find out its status. This can be done by gathering documents, files and statements regarding your finances. Go through the reports and know the amount you have deposited. If you think that the lender gave you a faulty cover then keep the documents safe with you and demand for your payments.

Identify how it is mis-sold: Before claiming the refund find out the way it has been sold.

  • Did the lender explained you about exact terms and conditions of your policy 
  • What is the exact cost of your policy 
  • Were you forced to take the cover? 
  • Know about your payment duration. 

Take the help of claiming companies: Plan for claiming the policy by yourself or by consulting the any PPI claims management company. These companies will do the work on your behalf and reduce your burden.

Wait till the process completes: It takes certain time to get back your compensation. Wait patiently till the time arrives. Meanwhile contact the claiming company and know about its progress. Go through their plans and statements.

Take the advantage of ombudsmen: Ombudsmen offer free services regarding these issues. They can reclaim the policy on behalf of you. You can claim the policy even if your debt has been paid off. It does not affect your credit score and you can claim different policies at the same time though they are offered by different banks.

Learn from the experienced people: Millions of people faced this problem and got the solution. Web sites such as consumer action group is popular where you can get the help from the people who has solved this problem.

Complain: make a complaint to the lender about the refund. Then your bank will intimate you whether they are responsible for this complaint or not within a specific time. If you feel that the creditor has not responded properly then take the help of financial ombudsman or the court.

Follow these simple steps and claim for the amount you deserve. Utilise the consumer’s right and get the instant refund from those financial institutions.

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