Tuesday, November 27, 2012

When To Use a Real Estate Agent

You may be taking many steps today to prepare for your next home purchase. For example, you may be saving money for a down payment and using a mortgage affordability calculator to determine what size of mortgage you can afford. If you will be selling an existing home, you may be making minor repairs and upgrades to prepare to list your house on the market. In addition to taking these steps, you may be wondering if you should use a real estate agent to sell your existing home, buy your new home or both. Read on to learn more about when you should use a real estate agent or go to http://www.mortgagerates.ca/ for more information on applying for a mortgage.

The Cost of A Real Estate Agent’s Services

One thing to consider before deciding if you should use a real estate agent for your sale, purchase or both is if you can afford to pay for the agent’s services. The services of a real estate agent are typically paid for by the seller, and the total fees paid to both a buyer’s and seller’s agent during a single transaction may range between five and ten percent, although there is some variation in this. However, you should be aware that the amount of the fees as well as who pays for them can be negotiated. With this in mind, it is possible for a buyer to use a real estate agent’s services and not pay any agent’s commissions at all. Furthermore, it is possible for a seller to negotiate agents’ fees so that they are affordable. 

The Benefits of an Agent’s Services

The transfer of real estate from one party to another is not something to be taken lightly. There are legal and financial ramifications associated with this transaction. Furthermore, the buyer needs to ensure that the home is functional for his needs and that the property is a sound investment. A skilled real estate agent offers expertise and knowledge that can be used in each of these areas throughout the process. An agent’s services are most beneficial for a seller in a buyer’s market and for a buyer in a seller’s market. In these situations, market conditions may be in favor of the other party in the transaction, and the skills and experience of an agent are vital. However, in all market conditions, a real estate agent can add value to the transaction. Because of the benefits associated using the services of a real estate agent, one of the steps that you should take in preparation of your upcoming sale or purchase is to locate a reputable, experienced real estate agent to assist you with this process.


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