Wednesday, December 12, 2012

3 Easy Ways to a Safer Home and Cheaper Home Insurance

Non-rechargeable sodium bicarbonate fire extin...
Non-rechargeable fire extinguisher. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Home insurance is essential. If you care to protect your valuables and high-priced belongings from theft or a weather disaster such as a flood or fire, then adopting home insurance is the smartest thing you can do. All the same, just because its "smart" does not imply it’s necessarily cheap. If your home insurance quote has you feeling depressed because you will now have to cut back your food and shopping budget even more to afford it, there could be some quick ways you can earn some discounts. 

Your Insurance agent will not voluntarily tell you about these discounts, but if you call and specifically ask you'll learn that by putting in certain security devices around the house you'll be able to slash the price up to 20 percent. To learn which devices (aside from a fire alarm) can earn you a discount as well as protect your home. 

Carbon Monoxide Detector/Alarm

Carbon monoxide is the silent killer-gas is colorless, odorless, and tasteless but it's highly toxic to both humans and animals if inhaled in high concentrations. In fact, it can kill you before you even realize you've been poisoned. It occurs whenever there is not enough oxygen to produce carb dioxide which can happen when using your stove. A carbon monoxide detector can alert your family at the slightest hint of the poisonous gas. And since detectors are relatively cheap-some as low as $17- there really shouldn't be an excuse why your home doesn't have one. 

Deadbolt Locks

Installing some deadbolt locks to your front and back doors can help secure the safety of your home and potentially prevent break-ins. What's so great about installing deadbolt locks is that they're a more economical approach if you don't have the funds to spend on a sophisticated security alarm system or security camera. Deadbolt locks can be purchased at your local home improvement store and can be self-installed rather easily. 

Fire Extinguisher

Purchasing a traditional fire extinguisher, which typically retails for about $30 to $50 at your local home improvement store, is also an excellent way for you to save on your home insurance. Plus, it can help your home from catching fire if you extinguish a small kitchen fire in enough time. Store the extinguisher some place safe but also make sure it's accessible. Also teach your entire family how to use it.

Of course these aren't the only devices that can help grant you a discount(s). Call your agent to see what your options are. You may learn that you already have certain features that can give you additional discounts.

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