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An Overview on Luxury Real Estate Development

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Real Estate Development

Real estate development refers to many actions. These actions include buying and selling of land, construction and leasing of buildings, etc. It is a high financial business and is fast growing too. The developers buy the land and complete the deal, while the building work is given to a construction company. The land with potential for development is selected and bought. The project on the land is decided by the developers in addition to the work relating to completing the project like getting the government sanctions and other facilities. The real estate development projects include commercial buildings, apartments, IT companies and residential buildings. So, with real estate development a raw land is turned into residential or commercial projects. 

Real Estate Developers

Real estate developers are professionals who specialize in the process of buying real estate, doing modifications to the buildings, and in the construction of new buildings and their selling. They research market trends on the price variation in the real estate sector. They need to be up-to-date on the recent price trends and market values. The aim is to buy when the market prices are low and sell when they are high. 

Luxury Real Estate

Luxury real estate differs from ordinary real estate. In luxury real estates, the factors which determine the luxury are the property value, and other facilities like a pool and proximity to schools, hospitals and stores. The inside customization and architecture also determines a luxury real estate. The luxury real estate development is more difficult and challenging than ordinary real estate. The real estate properties are built according to the needs and desires of the buyer, and the facilities like waterfront or balcony are considered important. The avoidance from rush and noise of city and living in a silent peaceful place are considered a luxury. The buyers of a luxury real estate don’t belong to the local community. They come from other parts of the country, so the reach is more than ordinary real estates where the buyers are all local. Most of the companies have their own magazines showing the buildings for sale. It helps in advertising their company projects and in getting potential clients interested in investing. 

Process of Development

The luxury real estate development contains many steps from the development of an idea to the buying and selling of a constructed project. The first and foremost step is to find a raw land available for purchase, which possesses the probability for a good development. The land selected should have availability of water, electricity and roadways. Then, the planning as to the luxury factors and the necessities for the building are discussed, and the costs including the profit for the developer is found out. The developer needs to be convinced of the cost and expenditure for the completion of the project. Once it is found profitable, the land is purchased and the necessary approvals for construction activities are taken. The approvals are done on the basis that the construction sticks to the planning and development regulations. Luxury real estate development need more approvals, and need to satisfy more conditions. Once the architecture and the luxury with the building are discussed, they are implemented in the plan and drawings. The client is shown at this stage how the project looks and the luxury factors implemented in it. Then, it is given to a construction company and the work starts. Most of the developers have talks with their clients before starting the project. In case of luxury homes the client talk is necessary as the luxury aspects of the property need to be up to the clients’ needs and desires.

Author’s note

Sam, who works in the real estate development sector at , says the luxury real estate development is sought out by many people who prefer a silent place without the rush of the cities. The waterfront views are more preferred by clients and the scenic beauty adds to the flavor of the building.


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