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Childcare – An Expertise Work at Home Moms Can Use To Earn Online

Family Child Care
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One of the most favorite topics for parents of newly born babies is … anything related to parenting or child care, and knowing that every second, three to four babies are born, we can be sure that there will be no shortage of people looking for all sorts of advice and information online. Not to forget the child care industry that employees millions of workers. Looking at all these statistics and people who will be seeking information related to childcare, all mothers have an expertise or experience by default that can help them earn some part time income without leaving their homes, simply by researching and writing on the topics related to childcare. 

And the best part is, you will keep learning new things and getting useful information while writing on these topics. Following are five practical ways to earn while writing on these topics … 

Write for sites like eHow or

If you have good writing skills, then you can apply as a freelance writer at the sites like eHow or You will have to hone your writing skills a bit, but if you can get selected for a site like, then the pay is well worth your time and efforts. Even if you can’t find a job at these high paying websites, you can turn towards any of those revenue sharing websites. All you need is to choose your topics cleverly and every now and then, some of your article will go on to become a continuous source of passive income for a long time to come. 

Write for childcare or babysitting websites:

There are many websites that cater childcare or babysitting industries like or Knowing that the content is becoming of paramount importance for any website, you can get in touch with these websites and offer your services as a content writer. You might need to have some writing samples, preferably some published ones, but you can arrange some by writing a couple of articles for article directories, or even better, at a blog as a guest blogger.Then you can proceed to use these posts as samples while getting in touch with established blogs or websites discussing the topics like family, childcare, parenthood, babysitting, and offer your writing services. 

Start your own blog:

As earlier suggested, there is no shortage of people who are expecting a baby, or they've just had a baby, and they are all ears for any kind of advice or information related to feeding, clothing, caring, educating, or looking after their kids in general. And these parents will always listen to some help coming directly from a parent who has “been there and done that”. The best part about blogging is, you don’t need to do extensive research, and all you need is to simply share your own experiences, or recommend some good products or solutions, which have helped you in one way or another. Once you have established a community of parents or moms, you can start earn by placing ads, or affiliate links on your blog. 

Publish an E-book:

Writing and earning from an e-book is a route that very few writers take, yet it is one of the most profitable ones. The idea is to choose a niche, which is in demand, and caters a specific problem instead of being too broad, and then write an e-book with the possible solutions. You can search for many different platforms where you can promote your e-book. An e-book can create a stream of passive income, and who knows your e-book can turn out to be a big success and you might be able to land yourself a real book writing deal with a publisher. 

Try Freelance Writing Jobs:

You can search at freelance jobs portals like or with keywords like childcare, baby care, parenting, babysitting, and the likes. You will find many start-ups that will be looking for writers. Once you've formed good relationship with some of your clients, you might be able to get better work from home jobs like social media manager and the likes.

Misheal Rome shares promotion code for and sittercity code for babysitters looking to sign up with the childcare sites like sittercity or And that’s not all, at her website you will also find a lot of tips and reviews for products and services which are useful for work at home moms.

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  1. I have 4 kids and because of that, I was forced to stop working. In able for me not to get bored during my spare times, I decided to build my own blog site which tackles everything about childcare. I received many great feedbacks about my blogs. Thanks to my readers.


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