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How to Increase the Value of Your Home

Modern kitchen
Modern kitchen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are many ways in which you can increase the value of your home, from relatively simple changes to more comprehensive renovations. In all these cases, it’s worth exploring the potential for a low or no fee personal loan for financing renovations. Doing so can help to increase the resale value of your property, while also building valuable equity if you are able to boost your initial buying price. With these benefits in mind, some ways for increasing your home’s appeal include:


Clearing out rooms and making sure that you don’t use up valuable space with boxes can make a home more attractive to buyers looking to make the most of your property. Moreover, the more free space you can create, the easier it becomes to convert crowded spaces like basements and attics. Doing so can also make it easier to clean and keep rooms in the best possible condition.

Refitting Kitchens and Bathrooms

As perhaps the most important rooms in the house for making a good first impression, your kitchen and bathrooms can significantly benefit from renovation. A minimalist design is recommended if you want to create appeal for a new buyer, while changes like converting a second bathroom into a wet room can also work well in terms of adding value.

Replacing Lighting

You can make your home more eco-friendly by replacing old light bulbs with energy saving LED strips and light bulbs. The investment will also lower your energy bills.


It’s worth getting your electrical wiring checked, and particularly if you live in an older property. Fixing any small problems now can help to prevent long term issues.

Deep Cleaning

Taking the time to deep clean your home can add value, and rewards the money spent on kitchens and bathrooms, while also cleaning the outside of a property to make it more attractive to potential buyers.


Some imaginative landscaping can make a major difference to the value of your home. Simple changes like fixing fences, or more ambitious alterations like adding in gazebos and sheds can make your garden more distinctive.

Using Recycled Materials

Using more recycled materials for furniture and fixtures can make your home greener, whether you use reclaimed wood for cabinets, or bamboo for window blinds.

Making the Most of Light

In terms of small properties, opening out available space can change perceptions of the size of a house. This can be achieved by switching out heavy curtains for roller blinds that can be removed from view.

Renovating Roofs

Insulating your roof and fixing any problems with tiles can make your home more secure, and much easier to present as being in an excellent condition. Another option is to convert your roof to include solar panels, which can provide an alternative electricity source, and can be partly subsidised by government tariffs.

Investing in New Appliances for the Kitchen

Energy saving appliances like eco-fridges, freezers, and dishwashers are better for the environment, reduce noise, and produce less emissions, while reducing your energy bills.

Author Bio: Liam Ohm writes about home improvement. He recommends estate agents Swindon as a great place to buy and sell your home. In his time off he enjoys blogging, cycling and socializing.

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