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Personal Money Management: How to Save More Money Easily

Personal Finance
Personal Finance (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012)

Saving money is easier than what most people think. Here are some valuable tips for you to save up easily for the future:

Savings before expenses

Come payday, immediately deduct money for your savings before taking on expenses. That way, you automatically save twice each month. It would be best if you also have a set amount for expenses so you have a value you can stick to. This in turn will help you in sticking to your budget. If you happen to spend less than the usual, the excess should go to your savings.

Download personal finance apps on your gadgets

The emergence of tablets and smartphones has paved the way for developers to come up with useful applications for both iOS and Android platforms. One good example of a personal finance app on Android is MoneyWise. This app allows you to add and even automate additions and deductions from the balance you have provided. You can also have multiple accounts which are easy to track and manage with its intuitive interface. Similar apps are available on Google Play and on the Apple iTunes Store.

Never spend money that you do not have

A credit card is deemed important so that an individual can build his credit history, but most people often succumb to the powerful plastic because they cannot help it - it is all too tempting to spend. You can make the most of a credit card by using it when you know you can pay the full amount come next billing date. If you plan on purchasing something that you know you cannot pay the following due date, think twice of buying it. The interest rates for credit cards are higher than ever, and you might be wasting hundreds, if not thousands for interest rates.

Go shopping when there are discounts

Be frugal when it comes to shopping by only going to the mall when there are mall-wide sales. You can save as much as 50% off items when you buy them during sale season. Avoid impulse splurges. A good thing to do when attracted by an object is to think it through for a week. Most of the time, people forget about what they have seen in the mall. It only means that wants are fleeting unlike needs which are important and cannot be avoided.

Invest your money

Investing is one way to make your money grow. For starters, it is best to start with investment options that are low risk and requires just a bit of your money. A short-term time deposit in your bank is worth a shot. From that point, you can observe and analyze the trends in business and finance. Read books pertaining to mutual funds, stocks and equities and even attend seminars before gambling in these more high-risk investment options.

Curbing spending behavior is a lot easier when you know what to do, and when you know how to set priorities. These tips are small ways down the line to a prosperous life ahead of you.

Written by Peter Coppola, a personal finance and insurance researcher. He enjoys writing for various personal finance blogs. Click here to get your credit report.

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  1. really this are small things which we can follow then we can save more money in daily life.All are simple rules /habbits that can really change your investment .


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