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Planning To Buy a Car? Know Your Type First

English: Toyota Camry (left) and Ford Excursio...
English: Toyota Camry (left) and Ford Excursion (right). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Today, buying a car has become a necessity as opposed to earlier times, when it was a luxury. You need a car to go to work, to meet friends, to drop your children to school and for a lot of other things too. Once you've worked long and hard enough and saved up enough money to buy your very own car, you wonder which one to buy. With the constant stream of new cars pouring into the market on a regular basis, it turns out that you can take your pick depending on your requirements. There are various types of cars in the market and each type has its own set of advantages to offer. Here are a few types and their characteristics, which can help make your decision on the type of car you want to buy. 
  1. SUVs: SUV stands for Sports Utility Vehicle, and buying one can give you some great benefits. This kind usually comes with a 4x4 wheel drive option for good off-road experience. Apart from this, SUVs are known for their spacious interiors, extra head room and leg room, high ground clearance and ample boot space. All these features are very useful in case of long drives and family trips. So if you’re a family guy looking to travel medium and long haul drives on weekends, an SUV is the perfect buy for you. 
  2. Sedans: Sedans are regular sized cars with two rows of spacious seats. Sedans are the most economical cars around and are also ideal city cars. They have low ground clearance, which means that there is less risk of toppling over. Sedans come in various types depending on their structure and design. Hatchback sedans, notchback sedans, fastback sedans and hardtop sedans are a few among them. 
  3. Coupes: Coupes are smaller versions of the sedan. They were traditionally described as “two door cars”, but these days they come with four doors too. One major advantage of buying a coupe is that it is inexpensive to maintain and can be parked easily anywhere since it does not take up too much space. Other than this, it is easily maneuverable, thus making for the perfect city car. 

Apart from these three major categories, there are a lot of other categories of cars available in the market. Furthermore, these categories are subdivided into full size, mid-size and compact cars, depending on their size. Now that you have a fair idea of the options available in the market, you can make your decision on what to buy. Remember to check online for a good car insurance quote before you actually go ahead with the purchase. Select the most suitable car insurance quote, draw up the papers, get your driving license and you’re all set to drive your very own car.

Author Bio:

Crowley is a car salesman with a leading company and has over two decades of experience under his belt. He also writes articles for his company – RSA Direct, which are published on the website. His recent write ups include “How to buy the best car for yourself” and “Getting the best car insurance quote online”.


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