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Risk Factors of Small Business Loans: Solutions to Reduce Risk

Financing is the act of funding a business activity that hopefully will lead to profit. That is the book definition written down by students or people that never had the pleasure of running their own business. For those who have gone through the ordeal however, financing might take on a completely new different meaning. 

When someone talks about financing a business, what usually springs to mind is the foundation of startups. That is not true since businesses regularly seek financing. The problem occurs when there is difficulty in finding sources of finance.

The credit crunch in 2008 was more than a revelation for many entrepreneurs. Most of us never thought about the risk factors in small business loans. Small businesses account for the majority of new jobs being made in America and is to credit for 58% of its employment. It’s funny how the majority of the population has no clue as to what happens in the back end process of small business financing. For starters, let’s look at some of the risks an entrepreneur would have to involve himself with to finance his idea or company.

Personal Money

When a business owner wants to start something, his first action is to reach down his pocket. Ironically, if the funds aren’t enough, which in most cases is the case, this is also the first factor that banks would consider. Banks need to know how much of your personal money you are willing to hang on the balance to factor in the amount of loan would they approve you for.

Unfortunately, when the business initiative you’ve financed flounders, it’s not only the loan amount that will get lost, but also your personal savings you initially laid out for the groundwork. 


Collateral may be in the form of a house, a car, an equipment, real estate or anything that the lender may find of value to guarantee the repayment for a loan. All is well when you’re able to repay as planned, but when you’re trying to make ends meet the collateral is in danger of being possessed by the lender as repayment. 

Credit Score

We all want our credit score to be untarnished. Sadly, a good credit score is the first thing to go when you fail to make payments on time with your lenders. 

Some Effective Solutions to Lower the Risks

Create a Budget That Includes All Incomes and Expenses –to avoid failing on payments, always know where your money is going. Great entrepreneurs are often described having this trait. This is true no matter how incredible their net worth has become.

Start a Savings Meant for Setbacks – I’m sure you can set aside some part of your business’ income as an emergency fund. This works on all business scales. You’ll definitely have to afford it, because what you will not be able to afford is when your small business loans go on default.

Loans from Family and Friends –Although loans from loved ones are usually filled with benefits, this should be the last resort as it might destroy your relationships.

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