Thursday, January 24, 2013

10 Money-Conscious Things to Do Before Selling Your Home

The process of selling your home can be very difficult, and is made even harder by the current housing market. While you may not be in the best position to get the highest value for your home than in the past, you can still get a good price and a smooth sale completed by working through a checklist of things that you need to do before going to market; this can range from getting an accurate valuation of your home, through having a marketing plan in place, getting the right professionals to help you sell your property, and making repairs to rooms and the structure of a house. 

1 - Valuation

To get an accurate valuation, you’ll need to check what price other houses in your area have sold for recently - this can be checked with the Land Registry service. You can also look at what the resale value of the land around your property is, and what potential profit could be gained by a new buyer in a few years time. Estate agents can help you to reach these estimates; surveyors are, however, needed to provide a better estimate of your home’s value. 

2 - Having a Marketing Plan 

If selling with an estate agents, discuss with them how they are planning to market your property. Are they using traditional methods like marketing in their shop window or through local papers, or are they focusing on marketing online? Alternatively, you can opt to market your property by yourself online - this will save money, but may take longer than working with an estate agent that knows your local area. 

3 - Getting the Right Solicitors 

In order to sell your home quickly, you’ll need to get the right solicitor for your property - ask around and compare local solicitors. The best solicitors will be able to handle legal fees, draw up deeds, and pay off your mortgage with the proceeds from a sale. 

4 - De-Clutter 

To make your home appealing for visits, de-clutter as much as possible; go from room to room and be ruthless about what you’re getting rid of. Old mobile phones and electronics can be sold for scrap or resale, while bulk boxes of DVDs and books may be sold online for a small profit. 

5 - Make Essential Repairs 

It’s necessary for you to boost the value of your home by making essential repairs - check wiring, fix roof leaks, and clear out gutters. Similarly, replace loose or cracked flooring, and reseal areas of the bathroom that are showing significant wear and tear.

6 - Deep Cleaning 

In most cases, it’s worth investing in a professional cleaning company, who can do the tough jobs that you've been putting off; these jobs might include deep cleaning carpets, and removing tough mold and other damage. 

7 - Have a Moving Out Date 

While it’s important to not arrange to move out and be stuck with your property without a buyer, have some kind of deadline to work to for moving out. This date can change, but should be a motivational tool for the house selling process. 

8 - Fix up the Front of Your Home 

First impressions are important with properties, so make sure that you trim back front gardens, replace rotten wood, and repair any damage to walls or windows before you begin having visits; this shouldn't cost too much money, but can enhance your home’s value. 

9 - Compare the Market 

Keep a close eye on the state of the housing market, as well as what properties are selling in your local area; an estate agent can advise you on how to best approach the market, while maintaining a focus on how the market’s changing online can help you to work out the best selling time and marketing strategies. 

10 - Have a Schedule 

Maintaining and updating a schedule will help you to avoid leaving vital repairs and legal issues to the last minute; have dates lined up for when you want viewings to start, and for when contracts absolutely have to be signed. 

Author Bio: Liam Ohm writes about how your home and your finances are so closely intertwined, from how a Wet Room can be a good financial move to choosing the right solicitors. Having a plan in place is also extremely important and should be the first thing you do when deciding to sell your home.

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