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6 Tips to Clear Your Debt Before You Retire

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Many people have big plans in mind for their retirement. In the UK there are thousands of over 50’s in debt, and many of them will retire with debts. Debt can be a hard habit to break in our consumer culture, even for those over 50. It’s important to deal with your debt before you retire and have a fixed income. You’ll need to create a retirement plan to clear your debts before you retire. If you’re in debt and would like to clear those debts before you retire the following steps could help you get control of your debts: 

1. Don’t pile on the debt.

If you have debts, don’t start piling it on with more debts. It’s simple advice; if you have debt you should avoid getting deeper into debt. Avoid taking out any more loans, especially incising payday loans. Even a very small loan can start a vicious cycle of debt that could hinder your chances of clearing your debt. You should also avoid buying things on credit cards, that’s a sure way to build your debts. 

2. Calculate your income

Add up your regular monthly bills. So add up your monthly expenses, this includes food, gas, the cost of running a car and other necessities. Then subtract this amount you earn to calculate how much money you have left to cover and payback your debts. You can then find out how long it will take to clear your debts. 

3. Pay the lenders

Make sure you pay all your creditors in full and on time. It’s always best to avoid any extra unnecessary debts due to late fees from creditors. 

4. Consider consolidation

If you have many multiple debts you should consider a consolidation loan. Even if you have a bad credit score you could get a bad credit consolidation loan to pay off all your debts and put them into on monthly payment. Having just one monthly repayment makes paying back your debts much easier and you should be able to get lower rates. 

5. Save Money

You can pay off your debt quickly if you stop spending money on things that you don’t necessarily need. If you save money, you could put that extra money toward paying back your debt before you retire. Sure it will be extremely tough to cut your spending, but you’ll be better off in the long run and at least then you could retire debt free.

6. Use extra money wisely

When you get extra money, you should use it to clear your debts. So if you have an unexpected amount of money, like a bonus at work or some kind of inheritance, use it wisely. Be clever and avoid the common mistake of using the extra money to treat yourself; use the money to pay off your debts.

Get started today and hopefully these six tips help you become stress free and clear of debts before you finally retire.

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