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Homeowners Insurance and House Guests: What Every Homeowner Should Know

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There are many responsibilities that come with owning your own home. For starters, you need to be sure that everything in your home is in good working order without anything that can be dangerous to you or your guests. You also need to have a good homeowners insurance policy that will cover any damages to your home or its contents should anything happen. Then you must also add in liability for others who visit your home.

Why It Is Important to Know Your Policy 

When a person, welcome or not, comes onto your property and becomes injured, you are the one that is responsible for all of their medical treatments as well as their lost wages and anything else that can be associated with their injury. While homeowners insurance will cover some of these costs, there are instances where homeowners insurance may not cover all the costs; it is important that you determine what kind of liability insurance you should keep on your home; most insurance companies recommend liability coverage equal to or greater than the value of your home. 

What Does Liability Insurance Cover? 

Liability insurance on your homeowner's policy covers the medical costs and lost wages due to an injury that happens on your property. The injury that happens on your property can be your fault, an act of nature or even the other party's fault; in any case, the insurance kicks in and covers a predetermined amount. If you do not have enough liability coverage to cover all the associated costs, you can be held liable and taken to court for the remainder of the costs. 

The injuries can be caused by various reasons including faulty construction of the home, a loose railing or any other feature of the home. Additionally, the weather can even create a way for another person to become injured. Ice and snow are often culprits of serious bodily injury during the winter months. This type of weather tends to keep doctors, and insurance companies very busy. 

What Does Liability Insurance Not Cover? 

There are also many circumstances where liability insurance does not cover the injuries or costs; which is when you are likely to be sued in court. These injuries often include floods, an act of God or other specific details in which there is no insurance coverage for. The only time the insurance does not cover an injury on the property is when the initial cause of the injury is not covered. If there is a flood for example and the injured party steps on a nail due to the flood, the insurance will not cover the expenses associated with the flood including both repairs to the home and medical costs to the injured party. This is when it is ideal to ensure that anything that has a chance of happening to your home is covered since if injuries are not going to be covered for a guest, you are wide open to losing everything to pay for their expenses. 

Liability coverage on your homeowner's policy is important because even if you have an unwanted houseguest who gets injured, you can still be held liable for their injuries. When you have this coverage under your homeowner's policy, you will reduce the risk of being sued or having to pay the costs out of your own pocket. The ideal way to get the coverage you need is to go through an independent home insurance agency like 

Adam Vaught has experience working within the home insurance industry. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and tips with home-owners online via blogging.


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