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How to Check Your Credit for Free

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Credit is a large portion of how most Americans do business in today's world. It can be the means to secure a home, purchase a car, or even assist in applying for a job. Many Americans don't know what their credit score is or if there is even damage to their credit report. A credit report can show past amounts that are due, whether an individual is a late payer, and can help discern if a person's identity has been taken and used for credit-related purposes.

You have worked hard throughout your life to keep your credit intact and don't want to be a victim by paying bills that don't belong to you. Some of these credit reports can cost money you don't have. However, there are several ways one can access this information for free both online and off.

1. - Millions of people use regularly in order to receive their free annual report. The downside to most online methods is that they don't include your credit score. This score can be very important when dealing with banks, retirement methods, and/or insurance plans.

2. Rent-a-Car Locations - Some rental car companies commit to a credit check when you apply. Those rental companies will accept or reject your application to rent a vehicle based on your credit score. Oddly enough, some of them will print out the reason for your rejection by handing you a receipt of the actual score itself. In some areas, Hertz Rent-a-Car prints this number for you in bold. All it will cost you is five to ten minutes of your time to apply.

3. - Another online method you could explore is using It's similar to as it will scan for your information from the three major credit reporting agencies. Unfortunately, this report doesn't include your actual credit score either. Getting your actual number could cost between $7.95 and $10 depending on what site you go to in order to get it.

4. Three Major Reports - Each of the three major credit reporting agencies provide an annual credit check that you can obtain for free. Each one can be visited individually at any time. Many people will spread each visit throughout the year in order to have three separate monitoring methods. As each one will give you one free report per year, you could get one in April, August, and December and have a quarterly view of your credit statistics. These companies are:
  Experian
  TransUnion
  Equifax

5. Aspects of Banking - Various methods of banking could net a credit report including your score. Some lenders will provide a credit report or synopsis including the score number during a loan or new account procedure. Although most of the time they will require a follow-through of the cash loan or new account, some of them don't. It's quite a bit of effort just to find your credit information for free, but the whole process could be illuminating to find out how your credit looks to the banking world.

It's always a good idea to make sure your credit is in sound condition. Any discrepancies you find should be dealt with immediately for they could hinder your benefits and insurance claims. Keep your eye on your credit rating and take advantage of free information. It's your credit, it should belong to you.

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