Friday, January 25, 2013

How to Get a Financier/Investor for your Business

To kick start a business, the most essential thing you need is money. You can call it finance, investment, capital or whatever you like but money is the base rule of starting a business. With the storm of poverty levels and financial crisis brewing above our heads as we head into 2013, everyone is looking to establish a stable and well-earning business. Money is the bond between you and your business and the more money you invest the better outcome you’ll get. To start your business in a rocking fashion, you need to invest a rocking amount of money which, most people cannot do so the best thing to do is to find an investor/financier or even accounts receivable lenders who will invest the money and you’ll do all the work.

How it works

How the whole aspect works is that when you need or want to start a business, you need an investment for which you need to ask others. People who have a whole lot of money but don’t like to work will answer your calls and provide you with an investment so that you can start your business. Now, there are many ways to settle your debt, either you pay the total amount of the person’s investment back to them, pay them monthly, or give them their share out of all the profit every month. 

What type of people to target?

First of all, you will need to find a perfect target for your advertisement. This target varies from business to business but there is one type of target similar to all businesses: People that have a lot of money but don’t like to work. 

How to find an investor

There are numerous ways to find an investor which include advertising but the most effective way of finding an investor or financier is to rely on your personal relations and social networks. This means that you would have to talk to the people you know who meet your requirements and you consider them potential investors. 

How to know if they are the perfect investor for you

How to know if they are the perfect investor you ask? Well, first of all they are perfect if they have a mutual understanding with you and are willing to work side by side. They are also the perfect investor for you if they have the ability to co operate with you in tough times, provided any arrive. 

How to convince your potential investor

After you have found your perfect potential investor, the next step is to convince them into investing in your business. You must be very effective and convincing in this particular part of getting an investor so that you win the heart of your potential investor and gain their trust. You must be very precise in convincing them and see to it that you do not lose their interest but only gain it.

This was a brief explanation and step by step guide on how to get an investor for your business and make sure they’re the right one. This guide also tells you the basic information you need to know about getting the perfect investor and working side by side with them so that it benefits both of you.

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