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Your Business Needs to Have a Home

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Walk through the city everyday as you view a countless examples of architectural and artistic constructions. Rich, historic, heritage buildings have becomes sites of government business and offices. Mixing tradition and timeless beauty to house some of the country’s most important delegates and promote the most essential businesses, these heritage buildings and offices, two in one somehow stand in contrast to those high towers of steel that define multinational BPOs and media companies. These structures are witnesses to some of the more developed modes of the economy consisting of the growing and changing face of the capital industry. Humbly standing next to these will be composite structures of residency marking a blend of domesticity and industrialization that form most of the definition of global culture today. All these are nothing more than reflections of the infrastructural base created for a developing global economy. 

The real estate sector is the whiz of this century’s capitalist mode. It is that branch of the financial global tree which mixes technology with infrastructure. It is also one of the off shoots of a growing world where space and time are constantly being defined and redefined. From basic industrial land requirements to larger aspects like accommodating the growing work population, the real estate biz is under constant pressure to fulfill these ever growing demands. Arising out of the need to have the best business minds flourish, one of the biggest contributions of the real estate market has been that of expanding work zones and understanding the changing work cultures and their multitudes that coexist side by side.

The work culture has now become more aligned to the collective mode rather than an individualistic one. Initially in any company the hierarchies of employment focused more on the individual employee and his growth. But now the whole perspective has molded into focusing on the overall growth of the business itself thereby, continuing to make the employee a highlight in the company’s progress but at the same time dealing with the larger aspect of the company’s general boom. This then has redefined the work culture as one of co-working. Co-working demands the work space to be a site of constant exchange of thoughts and ideas which not only promote the business of that particular company further but also molds its employees to give in their ultimate output related to efficiency.

For such a work culture the real estate market has come up with the concept of a unified workspace, wherein technology couples in with utility and purposes, making the work experience a package of individual and collective business growth. High-tech, well defined offices are no longer only fragments of dreams. They are very coherent realities in our world today. The estate market has changed the fate of a work zone from being one of boredom and monotony to one of art and repertoire. (For example, the upcoming property of office buildings in BKC, Mumbai). It has been successful in enabling zones of perfect work harmony wherein all the aspects of business come in together to collaborate and emphasize economical and financial growth.

The estate world has molded the work experience of businesses to bring out the best of commercialization. It has linked various national economies to form a web of economic impetus to the global economy at large. It brings forth the very concept of merging individual elements to come forth together to compose a complete picture of the urbanized facet of the global industrial sector. Providing the very essential base of infrastructure to assimilate other varied aspects of business together, the real estate sector has been successful in creating a perfect atmosphere for the growth of business and capital globally.

Bio: Lionel resides in India and is a graphic designer and a part time writer of . He is intrigued by post modern art and literature and seeks to define his designs with abstract patterns. He is also a lover of animals and loves to cook pasta.


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