Monday, February 11, 2013

Big Lessons We Should Learn From Our Grandparents to Save Money

Each of us wishes to spend money within defined budgets but this becomes almost impossible for us just because of the increased fantasies, daily expenditures, family demands, and much more. Instead of trying useless tricks for saving money, we should consult our elders or grandparents to guide us in a better way. This is because they have always tried their level best to have maximum savings and have spent worry-free lives. How can they help us in saving more? Let us discuss it here. 

Define your Limits:

Saying this is extremely easy but to act is very hard. Our grandparents used to save a lot of money by the end of month just because of this simple golden rule. They used to set up a limit for saving and saved that amount by any possible means. For example, my grandfather used to save at least $500 every month without considering that how he will manage the rest of his responsibilities. In this way, he had a lot of savings in the end. This is what we do not do. We do our calculations at the end of month by just regretting that we have lost a lot of money in buying useless things and this is just because lack of planning.

Parties on Specific Days:

No doubt, our grandparents loved to have parties too but not on regular basis, like the one, we do. They preferred enjoying parties mostly on the weekends by considering their budget. Sometimes, for better financial management, they used to have one-dish parties. In this way, they enjoyed their life as well as saved money too. This is what we lack nowadays. We like to party almost every day and spend a lot of our money on lots of unnecessary events, which spoils our monthly budget most of the times. 

Cooking Budget:

Instead of eating junk food daily, our grandparents preferred to design a weekly menu in order to have maximum savings by enjoying balanced diet in a month. On the contrary, today, our demands, eating preferences, and menus vary almost every day resulting in huge wastage of money. 

Prefer Durable Utensils:

Have you noticed that grandparents usually prefer to use durable utensils normally made up of copper, silver, or metal? Do you know why they used such type of utensils? It is just because these type of utensils are durable and can be polished on frequent basis to give them a new look. On contrary, these days, we use plastic made utensils, which we have to buy almost every month because they are not that much durable. Trust me that buying these utensils repeatedly ruins our budget. 

Take Time While Shopping:

How much time do you spend while shopping? Maximum 30 minutes or an hour, is it? Our grandparents used to spend a day for purchasing best possible stuff. Can you do this for you? Purchasing stuff in short time is not an art but purchasing high-quality stuff with some delay surely is. Grandparents never wasted their time but made best use of their time to achieve fruitful results. Spending maximum time in a shop or mart gives you an idea of current market prices along with the best purchase of items within your defined budgets. 

Final Words:

However, there is a change in culture, generation, and living styles yet ideas cannot change if followed properly.

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