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Save Money By Buying Your Tickets Online

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Today the easiest and most convenient way to buy concert or sport tickets is to shop online. Shopping online for special event tickets saves you time and money because it allows you to compare prices. Almost two-thirds of all ticket buyers use the Internet to get their tickets. The convenience of buying online and having your tickets delivered by mail or having them printed on your home printer has become the norm.

Finding your tickets from online vendors still has its problem. Events can be sold out quickly. The secondary market buys up huge quantities looking to charge a premium. Still, bargains can be had with a little luck and strategy. But be prepared to do some aggressive shopping and to be astounded by the difference in prices so compare tickets for the same event.

To find a  good deal, wait until the week before the event. Ticket prices may drop daily and could fall below face value. However, selection decreases at the same time, so you might not be able to get the seat you want. If unsold VIP packages are released at the last minute, you might pick up a front-row seat a day or two before the event.

Be wary of sites that claim to offer discounts. Those generally exist only for less-popular events or for last-minute purchases. Rare bargains usually come from people who cannot use their tickets or brokers stuck with tickets they haven’t sold.

Here are two types of markets where tickets are sold: 

Primary Ticket Market - The primary market includes initial sale tickets sold from box offices, team or venue websites, and primary authorized resellers.


  • First access to tickets
  • Ability to get tickets at face value
  • Tickets--especially for popular events--often sell out quickly
  • High “convenience” and service fees
  • Can't get a bargain (no tickets below face value)

Secondary Ticket Market - The secondary ticket market includes resale tickets in a variety of forms such as P2P selling, scalping, secondary ticket websites, and ticket search engines/aggregators.


  • Vast inventories almost guarantee you can find the tickets you are looking for--even when they are sold out on the primary market
  • The ability to find ticket deals well below face value
  • Tickets are available first on the primary market
  • There is price uncertainty because ticket prices fluctuate significantly on the secondary market; but savvy consumers can use price fluctuations to their advantage by buying when tickets prices are at their lowest

In the secondary market who are you dealing with? Most of the time it's the ticket owner acting as the broker or a ticket wholesaler that imported its inventory onto the site. That’s why you can find the same tickets advertised on several different Web sites. There are sites where fans buy and sell, they offer thousands of tickets that are owned by wholesalers as well as fans who are trying to unload their tickets.

Watch for fees when shopping for tickets. Some sites have a service charge along with the shipping or delivery fee. Some sites don't give you the fee total till it's time to use your credit card so read the fine print before spending your money. Tickets are nonrefundable so make sure you know the total price before you buy.

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  1. It is more convenient also buying tickets online. This is what I've been doing for years.


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