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The Do’s and Don’ts When Applying for Your First Bad Credit Loan

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While it may be quick and easy to apply for a bad credit loan, you’ll first want to slow down and cover your bases before you rush into this type of cash advance. Bad credit loans are great options for getting you out of a bind, but you need to approach them in a responsible way in order to avoid falling deeper into a financial crisis. Consider these top do’s and don’ts before applying for your first bad credit loan:

Do apply for an easy payday loan only if it’s an emergency situation. You should reserve bad credit loans for dire situations such as an urgent medical bill or a car repair.

Don’t apply for a bad credit loan for a frivolous purchase. Be smart about the loan and don’t use it to pay for a big screen TV or a trip to Las Vegas. Using a bad credit loan is this manner is one way you could end up digging yourself a financial hole.

Do be in reality that you can pay back the bad credit loan in short order.  You want to to make sure that you are able to pay back your loan on time so that you don’t incur any extra fees or interest. Whether you need to cut back on unnecessary spending or borrow money from a family member, consider these options before you take out a loan and make sure to stick to them.

Don’t take out another loan to cover this loan! This can lead to a vicious cycle of never ending loans, debts, fees, and interest. Consider consulting the Center for Responsible Lending for advice on avoiding an spiraling financial situation.

Don’t overlook the terms of the cash advance. Carefully read the terms of any loan agreement to find out the exact payment terms (such as due date) and figure out any fees associated with the loan. By design, you are expected to pay back the loan and any fees by the next pay day. Failure to pay back your loan on time could result in hefty fees, expensive interest, and potential headaches.

Don’t borrow more than you need. Although it may be tempting to borrow more, resist the urge and only apply for the exact amount you need. If you’re already in a desperate money situation, you don’t want to unnecessarily rack up more debt.

Do get a job. In many cases, you need to have a job to qualify for a bad credit loan. Without proof of employment or employment records you could be out of luck. But all hope is not lost, if you don’t have have a job, get one, any one!

A bad credit loan can be a lifesaver in an emergency money situation, but you need to understand the penalties associated with failure to meet payment deadlines. Follow these do’s and don’ts to prevent yourself from creating an even bigger personal monetary issue.

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  1. Thanks for the informative post. Before taking out a loan it’s necessary to think of all the pros and cons to make the right decision. Sometimes consmers take out short-term loans for bad credit with high-interest rate, misuse them and then complain that the service was intended to get them into the debt circle. It’s worth to take out a payday loan only in case you have an emergency and that’s the only way for you to get cash. Loan is a financial commitment and it’s necessary to pay it off in time to avoid fees. Avoid making impulsive financial decisions because wrong step can only worse your financial situation. Make sure that lending option you have chosen can really help to fix your financial problems and will not bring hassle and stress in your life.


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