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From a Girl's Perspective - Valuable Business Lessons I Got from my old Volkswagen Beetle

English: 1973 Volkswagen Beetle photographed a...
English: 1973 Volkswagen Beetle photographed at the 2008 Hudson Auto Show. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I grew up as an independent individual. No, my parents aren't divorced and I did not run away from home. My folks have decided to raise me up with little assistance coming from them, so that I can learn the good and the bad that life has to offer. While I do remember the frustrating times when I had to do some menial and odd jobs to get some extra cash for certain things. One of those things happen to be my old Volkswagen Beetle. 

Funny that I should mention that car. It's no longer mine; I sold it off when I moved out from my parent's house. This was years ago. I don't even remember how much money I got out from the old vehicle, but what I do remember are the lessons I learned while I was out earning every single dollar just to buy that car. And from a business perspective, it taught me a lot of things too. 

When I saw that car while checking a used cars warehouse, I knew that the car should be mine. It's original colour was yellow, but when I told my dad about it, he was quite skeptical. He said that these types of cars were not that durable and had constant engine problems. Of course, I knew that he was just bluffing; it's his way of saying "If you want the vehicle, then you know what to do!" 

And that I did.
Research - The first business lesson I got from that old Beetle was to research everything about the vehicle, starting from its perks all the way to its failures. I even researched about online title loan for fast cash! I have to understand the type of vehicle that I am going to use my money for. It is my money and I earned hard to get it, so I should never waste my money on something that I might end up regretting in the end, right? 

Sadly, I've seen a lot of business owners jump right into a particular business or system without researching. Usually, these people end up losing a great deal of money because of a failed business. Even worse, they end up filing for bankruptcy. 

Do It Yourself - The second lesson I got from my old vehicle is to always do everything myself. When it comes to simple maintenance, like cleaning or changing oil, I'd do it on my own. In business, it pays to be involved with your company once in awhile. Just like a well-oiled vehicle or machine, you learn the ins and outs of the trade and you co-exist with your employees and your clientele. You learn what needs improvement for your business and the things that you need to remove. 

It sounds so simple, isn't it? Unfortunately, it's not. A lot of business owners change their attitude once business starts to prosper. They leave everything to the manager while going on a vacation to Hawaii or to Fiji. Unless your manager is really competent, there's no way he/she is going to repeat exactly what you want him/her to do, so it's quite important to run the business yourself. 

Frugality - No, it's not a Mortal Kombat move. It means being frugal. When I finally got my Beetle, the first thing that rushed in my mind is to customize the car to whatever I like. So, lists of car parts and custom paint jobs filled my notebook. By the time I realized it, the total amount was so horrifying that I immediately tore off that particular page in my notebook into little pieces.

Well, it's a good thing that I did not have the money. Otherwise, I would've gone and spent it all. 

The business lesson here is to be frugal. Even though you're business is running great, you should really find the time to invest in another business opportunity. If not, then save your money in the bank for later use. Don't spend all your money on things that are not really needed. 

Well, that's it for now. While I already have a new car, I will never forget my old Beetle. Thank you, my most cherished possession. I hope you're doing fine. Thanks for all the lessons you've taught me. It sure helped me out a lot, especially during these times of economic depression. 

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Jessica Greenberg is an avid blogger from San Diego, California. During her free time, she prefers to stay at home and update her blog along with a hot cup of coffee.

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