Friday, March 8, 2013

Get Emergency Cash with a Car Title Loan

Car Title Loan Reflection
Car Title Loan Reflection (Photo credit: Jeremy Brooks)
Unexpected expenses occur for most people at some time in their lives. While it is certainly the best policy to have a reserve of available funds in a savings account, a depressed economy and job loss can make that difficult. 

These circumstances may also result in a person losing their positive credit score, so a cash loan is not usually available when unexpected expenses arise. Fortunately, vehicle registration loans can provide the answer to this dilemma. 

LoanMart is a company that offers quick cash for loans commonly known as title loans. If you find yourself in immediate need of funds, you can access the equity in your vehicle through an automobile title loan. A vehicle title loan is different from a payday loan in that it is a long term loan. 

You will be required to make monthly payments just as if your car were financed. LoanMart will be listed as the lienholder on your title until your loan is completely paid off. LoanMart streamlines the approval of your loan, so your cash is likely available within 24 hours. 

Although LoanMart will do an internal check on your credit, the primary considerations are the condition of your vehicle and its value. You can apply online to get your documentation started. When you arrive at one of their convenient locations, a LoanMark representative will go over your documents with you and then inspect your vehicle. Your loan should be finalized within about 15 minutes, and you can leave with your check.

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