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7 Habits of Highly Successful Retirees

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Planning for your retirement is something that all of us know we must do, but many of us put this kind of planning off, we avoid it as we think we've got stacks of time to worry about it. However, if you wish to have a successful retirement, you must take the time to make plans to ensure that it is everything you desire.

There are seven things that every successful retiree did prior to retiring that has made their retirement happy and secure. Surprisingly, they are not all financially related. Most of these retirees stated the following seven habits as the key to their happy retirement.

1. Savings Accounts

You want to have a bank account set aside just for your retirement. While you are still working, only make deposits in this account. When you retire, use this account to manage your finances. By changing your accounts when you retire, you have mentally created a new way to approach your money. 

2. Have Investments

Take advantage of every investment opportunity you can afford while you are working to guarantee an income when you retire. Make sure that your investments are diverse, and if at all possible, make sure that they have low maintenance fees. You want to make sure that your investments are funding your retirement and not paying high commissions to the brokers. 

3. Pay off Bills

Try to eliminate as many bills as possible before your retirement date. Review your current bills to determine if there are ways you can reduce them, such as downsizing cable options, getting rid of a land line phone and only opting for cell service, and moving credit card debt to low interest cards. Debt free living helps reduce retirement stress.

4. Downsize Your Life

You have spent your entire life working, now it is time for enjoyment. Look for ways to reduce your obligations so that you can only concentrate on your passions. If you have club memberships that you are no longer interest in, get rid of them. If you want a smaller home with less yard work, look for a new home before retiring. Have a pro-active approach to making your life your own and not filled with chores and duties. 

5. Take Advantage of Senior Discounts

There are so many different senior discount programs available, including those for necessities such as insurance policies and utilities, that it is foolish not to use them to your advantage. So many people avoid the “stigma” of senior citizen. The truth is, you need to embrace this title and take advantage of everything that it offers. 

6. Make Plans for Fun

One of the hardest things that retirees must face is waking up in the morning with nothing planned. After a lifetime of getting up and going to work, adapting to not having to be somewhere each morning can be difficult. Successful retirees always make sure they have at least one thing planned each day so that they are never sitting around with nothing to do. 

7. Volunteer

Retirees that offer their services to local charities, even for a few hours a week, seem to be the most successful. There are so many opportunities, from mentoring children to advising business owners, to accepting tickets at the gate of a state park, that any retiree can find a volunteer position that makes them happy.

The tricks to a successful and happy retirement are not as hard as you may have thought. As you can see, it just takes a little planning and a desire to be happy that will make your retirement the best time of your life.

This article was written by Perth Financial Adviser, Medhat Takla from Chambers Investment Planners. You can catch Medhat on Google+ and LinkedIn as well.

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