Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Built to Last: The Clothes that can Stand-up to Messy Kids

Investing in kids’ clothes that are built to last is an absolute imperative for any parent. Buying low-quality, cheap clothing simply means that you’re going to eventually end up spending a fortune on replacements.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the children’s clothes that are really built to last, and can stand up to the ways of messy kids.

Invest in cotton

It may be tempting to save a few pounds here and there by buying poly-blend t-shirts and shirts for your children. Making such a decision is, however, a false economy.

Cotton is one of the hardest-wearing fabrics on the market, and is especially suited to messy kids who will be sliding around on the floor, pulling each other’s shirts and plastering themselves in mud.

Cotton may put a few extra pounds on your clothes shopping bill, but its hard-wearing nature ensures that it won’t tear easily and need replacing in a matter of days. 

If you’re a little short on funds to purchase cotton clothing for your kids, consider having a little spring clean, collecting up any unwanted items, like CDs or DVDs, and selling them on a website, such as Music Magpie; the extra investment will certainly pay off in the long run.


Denim is famously hard-wearing; if it’s good enough for builders, dockers and pioneers, it’s surely good enough to stand up to messy kids.

The great thing about denim is that, due to its popularity, the cost is fairly low. A quick look around your local superstore will see you unearth some great deals, and you’ll be able to snag a decent pair of jeans for your child for only a handful of pounds. Many supermarkets even offer deals on multi-buys, making jeans an excellent trouser choice for your messy kids.

Raincoats and waterproof trousers

A day out at the park, especially in the UK, invariably involves rain. And where there’s rain, there’s mud. If you’re prepared, however, mud stains on your kids’ clothes is not something that need concern you.

In order to keep the mud stains at bay, invest in a quality raincoat and waterproof trousers. While it may be tempting to choose waterproofs that have your child’s favourite cartoon character on them, resist the urge and plump for some hard-wearing waterproofs, purchased from your local outdoor shop.

Although these waterproofs may cost a little more, they will pay for themselves in the long term, as they will offer a protective barrier to mud, dirt, paint and whatever else your kids find themselves covered in.

Homemade chic

Whatever fashion decisions you end up making on your child’s behalf, a great way to make your kid’s clothes more durable is to make a few alterations of your own.

Consider buying some stylish patches, or fabric stickers, and sewing - or sticking - them onto the elbows of your child’s jumpers, as well as the knees of their trousers. It will take a matter of minutes to make this alteration, but those few minutes could end up saving you a fortune in the long term.

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