Friday, April 12, 2013

Business Apps For Your iPhone You Must Not Miss Out!

There are numerous different iPhone apps that are directly related to business management and practices, and here, I have compiled some vital business related apps that you would never preferring missing out. You can try them out and enhance your productivity and time management to a great extent. Some of the apps are amazingly versatile, and would work as a great resource for your business as well as personal use. 


It happens to be a great a great app as it is useful to make conference calls, and the app for iPhone users. If you are not able to reach your computer for your upcoming conference, you can make use of this app and join a conference call instantly from your phone. As it is one of the best solutions when it comes to web conferencing, it is a lot better than missing out an imperative conference. The app is compatible with video conferences, making it a perfect and ideal emergency app. 

City Index Spread Betting Apps:

This app is every trader’s dream! It enables them to access their City Index account from their iPhone. However, you need to register an account on City Index. The app has become very popular among the business community and is a powerful resource. It is useful for automating specific tasks like limit orders and setting stops, so you can make the most of your trade through this app and maximize your revenues. 

Square: A Credit Card Processor For iPhone:

If you can operate your business remotely, or you get to travel more frequently from one place to another to make your sales, you perhaps find it tough to drag all your confidential items with you everywhere you go. Square, as a result, offers you with ultimate solutions. It is more of a credit card processor that you can utilize via your iPhone. There are numerous small attachments that will plug into your device, and enable you to easily swipe your credit card. This can turn out to be exceedingly beneficial in several circumstances, with one great example of being electrical breakdown. 

Log Me In:

It is another interesting application that enables users to access their office or home computer directly from your Smartphone. Mostly people are not familiar with such kinds of apps, and do not realize their worth they can offer you for your business. You can connect to multiple systems via this app, and can log in to your computer directly from your phone; no matter where you are. If you are not around your system but have to access vital documents stored onto your system, you can merely sign in, snag your documents and log out. It is extremely useful when your system is facing technical issues.

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