Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Life Insurance Tips for Over 50s

If you have passed your 50th birthday and are beginning to worry about if your spouse will be able to maintain his or her current lifestyle after your death, you are not alone. Many people put off purchasing life insurance while they are young and spry because humans have the ability to think they are invincible until their bodies begin to show signs of aging. Thankfully, even those on the other side of fifty have some good options for purchasing life insurance coverage in order to secure their family’s future or help with the expenses related to a death. The following information may be helpful to those who need more clarity about their life insurance choices at this time: 

Least Expensive Life Insurance for Men and Women over Fifty 

Term life insurance policies are usually the most inexpensive way to get some protection. These policies offer a certain amount of insurance at a guaranteed monthly or yearly rate for a certain time period. For example, an individual might buy a $500,000 policy for a period of 20 years. If a person lives beyond this coverage period, the rates will probably rise significantly, but the hope is that the policy holder will then be in better financial circumstances. The idea behind this type of life insurance coverage is that by the time men or women reach age 70, most are no longer responsible for the expenses of children and have paid off their homes and other vital debts. Term life insurance may not be a good idea for parents who had their children later in life, for those with special needs children, or for those who will still have a home mortgage well into their later year. 

Whole Life Insurance Policies for Seniors 

People who are still healthy and are able to afford a higher monthly premium may still be able to buy a whole life insurance policy, even if they have already celebrated their 50th birthday. Although the premiums never change, these policies cost more because companies must cover a much older population of people, and the risks are higher for their corporations. Most whole life policies require the applicant to submit to a physical before they can be accepted for coverage for this reason. 

Investment Insurance Policies for Middle-aged People 

Much debate has occurred about using insurance policies as a form of investment, but this is still an option available from some companies. It usually takes at least eight years of payments before any cash value begins to accrue, and most advisers feel the stock market is a better investment. It is important to remember that every year that you wait to purchase life insurance of any type increases the price of the premiums. Because it is impossible to guess the future, the best course of action for those over fifty is to look at their current circumstances and dependents and buy enough life insurance coverage to protect the things and people who are important to them. Claire Atkinson writes for the comparison service, where you can read more about life insurance.

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