Sunday, April 7, 2013

Should I Consider Temp Car Insurance for a Holiday Road Trip?

If you are planning a holiday road trip, temp car insurance is a smart way to go. However, you will first need to consider a few things before making your choice. So let's examine whether this type of short-term policy will be best for your personal situation. 

Do you already have Car Insurance?

First of all, you need to think about whether you have your own car insurance policy entitles you to. If you are fully covered, and you have a fully comprehensive policy, purchasing additional temporary insurance might not be necessary.

But if you don't have any type of policy at all, and you don't intend to get a full policy, temporary insurance coverage is not only a good idea but an obligation. Remember that you need some form of insurance in order to drive a vehicle, so if you are not willing to pay for an entire year, only paying for what you need is the best option.

With short-term car insurance, you can take out cover on a car for as little as a day or (in some cases) as much as 28 days. And as most insurance firms are able to provide you with a policy online or over the phone, you can get out on the road in no time at all.

This makes temporary car insurance a great option if you have just bought a new car, and need cover for that special first drive home!

On top of this, you need to question who is going to be driving the vehicle. If it's only going to be you, you'll have no problem. But if there are going to be several different drivers, you'll have to make sure that they all get added onto the policy.

Always talk to insurers about this to make sure that this doesn't add up to any additional costs. If you fail to notify the insurer of your intention for different drivers to use the vehicle, you may find yourself in hot water should you be involved in an accident or any other unfortunate incident.

Why Get a Short-Term Policy

The beauty of short-term car insurance is that it is extremely convenient and very affordable. However, if you will use the vehicle again on a regular basis, getting a normal policy is your best bet.

There is also a protective factor to think about. If you have an accident when driving under a regular insurance policy, you will lose your ‘no claims’ bonus should you decide to claim. If, however, you are driving under a short-term policy, your regular long-term policy will stay safe.

When going on a road trip, where accidents might be more likely to occur, a short-term, temporary policy can be extremely beneficial in helping to provide that additional protection.

If you do decide to go ahead and get a temp car insurance policy, always shop around. There are dozens of different insurers you could use, so make sure that you spend some time comparing rates in order to get the best possible prices. 

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