Monday, May 20, 2013

Credit Union Video Shows Another side of George Washington

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There is a video going around that shows an actor posing as George Washington doing all he can to drive this guy crazy. This video was put out by the Virginia Credit Union League. This video was posted by the Credit Union League to put a hilarious spin on how you are charged, a Washington or two, to use a banks services on a purchase. 

 Here's the video, see what you think.

Credit Unions are in the news again because they offer lower fees and lower interest rates than your average bank. If you go to their website Quit The Hit! Homepage you will find examples of how you can save money on your financial services by using their products.

The reason Credit Unions charge less in fees and interest is because they are basically run as a non-profit. They don't need to make a profit so they pass on the savings to their customers. You will also find the culture of a Credit Union to be more friendly and less corporate. With the corporate pressure off you have a more customer oriented environment. Reminiscent of the small town banks of long ago.

My experience with a credit union is a positive one. It just so happens that our local credit union is right next to a StarBucks. I often see credit union employees having a cup of coffee with their customers.

If your unsatisfied with your big bank experience why not give your local credit union a try.

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