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How to Practice Golf Without Blowing Through Your Retirement Money

Growing up I always had some idea about what seemed to me like noble sports (golf for instance, lacrosse, polo) since it always seems such activities will never be available to those on a budget or with limited financial resources. The peculiar thing, however, is that playing golf does not require you to be rich, as I once believed. It requires much more consideration, granted, but it definitely can be done. 

Clubs and other equipment

What is most intimidating about golf, and perhaps the main factor that prevents new players from turning into regular players is cost, and cost begins where equipment purchase is concerned. And although it is clear that this particular sport is certainly one of those activities that will have players reaching deeper and deeper into their pockets, there are ways to minimize costs and still enjoy the sport as much as any other player.

The high prices of equipment nowadays can easily be explained by the technological advancements and sophistication that these items provide all to ease the game of players and to ensure maximum success rates. But it is not necessary to buy pro-line golf clubs right away, as these will surely be a large investment. There are starter golf sets that will rarely cost you over 200$ and which contain all the items needed for you to commence your golf adventure.

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There are many good deals on golf equipment internet sites like so take your time and search for what is in your price range. Moreover, if you may find yourself disliking the activity in this initial phase, such starter sets can easily be sold very close to the original amount you paid for it. Contrastingly, if you feel the need that investing in higher quality clubs, the same goes with selling this starter set. In this, re-selling your equipment will contribute greatly to your reduction endeavors when taking up golf. 


For the newcomer, building a foundation is highly important when learning to play golf. Even though there are many PGA professional instructors trained to instruct in all aspects of golf, the private lesson prices (sometimes more than 100$ per hour) are simply too high to be justifiable. There are local courses however which also provide introductory group lessons and these are much more budget friendly (usually under 30$). If you have some experience with the sport and improving your swing is what you are after, you can save up on lessons by using a camera or recording device to analyze your swing by comparing it to pro player videos on YouTube. 

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Golf course

Another issue where most new golfers seem to get stuck on is practice venue: there are golf clubs in California for instance who charge anywhere between 400$ and 500$ for the entire course (18 holes) and this would indeed burn a hole through the player’s pockets. In this case, it is not about the amount of practice or in choosing low quality practice venues, but in correctly and efficiently practicing. And this is certainly something you can accomplish: as many golf courses are swarming with players hopelessly swinging at balls, you can effortlessly be one of those who swings once while others swing 5 times, but land the ball where you want it.

When working on your full swing for instance, make sure to concentrate on spending the majority of time working with the irons (and change your clubs on a constant basis). And since you are training to be a complete player, you need to address all aspects of the game, such as putting, pitching, bunker play, chipping: and since these elements belong to the short game, you need to know that many facilities offer practice greens for no additional costs. Another thing that will make your practice sessions more efficient is setting a goal for each one. You can also try nine-hole tournaments instead of 18-hole ones since they are significantly more affordable. 


All in all, it is essential that you are not overwhelmed by all you think you will have to spend in order to begin pursuing your new found interest. Be sure to focus on your game, practice while being concentrated what you are doing, be in tune with what it is you struggle with because you can work on those aspects that need improving. And all this while saving both money and time and shooting lower scores.

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