Friday, June 7, 2013

Are You Retired? Here are some great Investment Opportunities for you!

"A great person, Mike Philips, once said- Money will come to you when you are doing the right thing."

If you are retired or are retiring shortly, you can make use of many of the investment opportunities given below which are available to you at your disposal and which will ensure that you get just the right amount of financial security blanket after retiring. If you invest in any of these regularly, you can have your guardian angel protecting you financially when you are retired and facing the world without a job for the rest of your life.

The EPF or the Employee Provident Fund:

For employees working in establishments having employees more than twenty in number, it is compulsory for employees to deposit 12 per cent of the value of their Income (Basic wage, dearness allowance and the cash value of all food allowances given) in an EPF account. In addition to this contribution, even the employer contributes the same amount. The interest rates of such an account are decided from time to time by the Central Government. Furthermore, the balance of such an account is liable to be transferred in case you decide to switch jobs. You will not lose any of your investment. 

The VPF or the Voluntary Provident Fund:

Normally, the contribution of an employee is 12 per cent but he can increase this if he wants by opting for a voluntary provident fund scheme. The excess amount paid by him will be given interest at the same rate as the 12 per cent. The amount contributed to the Provident Fund is also exempted from tax.

The PPF or the Public Provident Fund:

This is another investing opportunity for those who are interested. This can be opened with any nationalized bank or a post office. One advantage that the previous scheme (VPF) has over this one (PPF) is that in the case for VPF, you do not need to wait in long lines at banks to fill out forms and to complete other formalities. All you have to do is inform your employer and the work is done. 

The NPS or the National Pension Scheme:

This is a relatively new pension based scheme which has been introduced by the Government. In this scheme, the investor can invest in three different schemes which will offer him a high return once he attains the age of seventy.

Using Fixed Deposits:

Another way to ensure a financially secure retired life is to start investing in fixed deposits. It is a safe and easy option. Just start by investing a small portion of your monthly income in fixed deposits which are preferably long term. Redeem them after retirement along with the high rate of interest that it gets you.

Try your hand at Equities:

A riskier, yet highly rewarding option, is to start investing in equities. These can provide you with the long term capital gains so needed in your old age. Creation of a diversified portfolio will help you get high returns and a security about your financial future.

Binary Options:

These are a relatively newer form of investment and involve investing your money in financial instruments called binary options. These offer high and quick rates of returns. You can also trade in them on a daily basis online and enjoy retirement while continuously surprising your spouse with the extra income from binary options earnings.

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