Thursday, June 13, 2013

Satellite Communications and Social Media

English: BBC satellite communications centre TVC
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Over the last year data traffic from mobile devices has increased 2.4 times. Industry leaders had forecasted an increase of only 125%. This has been the  global trend over the past 5 years. In 2012, monthly mobile internet data was at 624 petabytes. In the year 2000, the entire Internet has a total capacity of only 75 petabytes.

With the rising need to move more and more data, finding resources to do the job has become an ever growing problem. Data centers are not only getting ready for an ever growing amount data but to make it worse the growth of social media, YouTube, and online games is just adding to the problem. Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr has made a great impact on the webs need for more capacity.

Satellite Communications from SATCOM Systems  have become more available in the last few years and are helping to carry the additional traffic. Because of the billions of dollars spent by both private and public sectors it is now available to be used for data traffic. Today, much of Internet traffic is being carried by wireless providers. People use their cell phones to surf the net and use social media and the trend is rising. 

The benefits of a partnership between cellular network operators and satellite operators can only benefit the end user by providing better and more reliable service. The combination of satellite and cellular allows service coverage of more areas which wasn't possible before with just landlines. 

Remote areas that are not close enough to the standard phone company lines will be able to pick up their internet through compact and efficient satellite dishes. 

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