Friday, July 19, 2013

Getting Funds for Hiring a Lawyer

If you require legal assistance urgently, with filing a compensation claim for instance, you’ll either need to source a law firm that provides conditional feel agreements, essentially a ‘no win no fee’ arrangement, look at your options concerning legal aid, or raise the funds to hire a solicitor. Moreover, although you might think to yourself ‘Do I really need a solicitor?’ – don’t think that you can represent yourself alone. 

Before you start raising funds...

If you’re looking at filing a compensation claim – before you start selling your possessions – give some thought to your options regarding legal representation and the compensation claim you’re thinking about filing. Firstly, do you even have a claim? This is something to discuss with not one, but at least two, solicitors before you start getting your hopes up and begin raising the funds required to access legal representation, which if you pay for out of your own pocket could be extremely expensive, and due to the nature of filing such claims, somewhat risky.

Once you’ve discussed your case with at least two legal professionals and have established that you indeed have a claim, then start to look at your least expensive (free) options, and here in the UK that’s legal aid. This however, is no longer an option for most claimants because starting on 1st April 2013, legal aid is now only available in clinical negligence cases pertaining to childbirth, for example, where a child suffers a neurological injury that results in severe disabilities during pregnancy, during birth or during the postnatal period.

Raising the funds for legal representation

If you’ve no options remaining then you’ll need to raise the funds you require by other means, and you’ve actually got a few that are worth exploring further, and no, taking your valuables to the local pawnbroker’s isn’t one of these – there are much better ways to raise the funds you require for legal representation than losing your valuables. If you don’t think that the funds required for legal representation will exceed the limit on a credit card then this is an option – provided you’re still working and have a regular income coming in. If you’re paying for a solicitor’s services on an hourly basis then this is a realistic option, plus you won’t need to max out your credit card in most cases, you can simply put the bill on your card and pay it off each week or month, whatever’s more convenient for you.

A personal loan is also an option, provided that you won’t give in to temptation and spend it on something far more enjoyable – perhaps apply for a separate savings account to bank the funds in so as to keep it just for legal representation, like Mintons clinical negligence compensation claim assistance, charged on an hourly basis at competitive rates. Payday loans and similar products are also accessible and would serve the same purpose, though if at all possible apply for a personal loan with a competitive interest rate through a reputable lender, you’ll find that you repay a lot less in interest, plus their repayment frequency and term length options are also more competitive.

You’ll find that many law firms offer payment plans to make their legal services easier to afford to those who’d like to budget and pay back an agreed upon amount on a regular basis. If you can find a law firm that offers this arrangement and their services are reputable, then this might be the best option available to you, one that can help you avoid incurring debt to pay for legal representation, which is always advantageous.

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Started in 1998, Mintons Solicitors is a law firm operating across the UK. To know more about Mintons clinical negligence claim services, you may visit their offices in Leeds.

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