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How Important is a Home Inspection Before Buying a House?

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When buying a home, don't consider home inspection an unnecessary expense. The reality is quite different. Home inspection becomes even more important, if you are buying home for your retirement home. Today, we will talk about some of the main reasons, how it can benefit you and how it is worth your time and money:

Makes You Financially More Safe and Secure:

Home inspection helps in knowing the condition and systems of a home. You cannot evaluate a house by just looking at it. Obviously, you need to check out everything in-depth. You can't tell if there are cracks in the roof or there is something wrong with the basement. So saving money on a home inspection today can make you pay big later. A home inspection gives you the confidence your home is safe and free from problems.

A Home inspector inspects the entire house with you and briefs you about each section of the home; he informs you if there are any area in need of repairs and will give you an  estimate on how much the repair would cost. 

Eliminates the Risks to Health and Safety:

Your new home might create some health issues as well. There can be injurious elements in your new home, like mold, carbon-monoxide and radon. These are considered health and environmental hazards. So, first make sure that detection of such hazards have been included in the buyers agreement. Make sure you are not buying an "as-is" property, like foreclosed properties which are boarded up for too long. These types of houses may conceal hazardous problems, and may result in health issues. So, a home inspection should be carried out to avoid these health issues.

Serves as an Effective Expense Monitoring Tool:

Home inspection keeps track of your expenses by calculating all of your money spent on maintenance, repairs, etc. Home inspector estimates detail the age of different systems of a house, like plumbing, cooling, heating, etc. He tells you the age of a structure and also will inform you when you'll need to replace it. Though, it has nothing to do with finances and safety, but it gives you an idea of which home insurance you should consider for your new house.

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Helps You in Reaching a Well-Informed Decision:

So, finally, if you have taken a home inspection and something unexpected is found, you will have the right to take back your purchase offer. Home inspection makes you well-informed about the property, which helps you in evaluating the property; thus you can negotiate the price more intelligently. You can ask him to reduce the price, and he will, most probably because the home inspection may have revealed an unseen problem. So a home inspection helps you in getting a better deal.

Final Words:

Before buying a home get a home inspection. You can't afford unexpected expenses due to a bad decision so it is highly recommended to spend the money on a home inspection. It will definitely save you money and time in the long run.

Author’s Bio:
Paul Montgomery is a senior journalist and writer for http://homeinspectors.net/, a comprehensive home inspection network. Only the best home inspectors are in their network!


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