Thursday, July 25, 2013

Positive Attributes of Bridge Loans

Bridge loans are common types of loans used in the domestic, commercial as well as industrial sectors. The loan is usually a short term loan that is taken out pending an approval of a larger loan or closing a transaction hence the proceeds from the main loan or cash gains will be used to offset the short term loan. Typical names for bridge loans include swing loans or caveat loans which range in time periods of between 2 weeks to as long as 3 years. These loans will usually feature higher market interest rates as compared to ordinary loans. Notable benefits of the swing loans include the following:

Real Estate Deposit

Bridge loans are quite common in the real estate sector where a potential buyer will acquire the loan to put as deposit for the house and when the realtor manages to resell the house, the proceeds from the sale are used to offset the loan. Overtime a real estate agent will be able to built credit worthiness and will occasionally use the loans in most of his transactions.

Foreclosure Deals

A homeowner facing financial constraints such as risking losing a property will source for a caveat loan to remodel the house and upon selling the property; he will pay back the loan. The homeowner may also use the loan as a deposit for a cheaper property as he waits for the main property to be sold.

Construction Industry

Developers will also obtain bridge loans during the initial stages of construction when a property is yet to fully takeoff awaiting permit approval. Upon meeting all the requirements, the constructor will acquire a construction loan which will be used to offset the short term loan.

Continuity in Business

A delay in payment will also lead to a business to acquire the short term loan in order for the business to run smoothly as they await the pending payments. A business will also use bridge loans to fund an acquisition while waiting for the final settlements to be drafted and affected. 

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