Friday, July 5, 2013

Why Amazon Prime Is My Favorite - Review

It was during Christmas time last year that my wife decided to go for a free trial promotion of Amazon Prime. We ordered a few Christmas gifts and we were particular about the prompt delivery of them. The two-day free shipping offer tempted us. Earlier, I had avoided Amazon Prime because I was reluctant to pay the annual fee of $79.99. As this was a free trial offer, we decided to give it a try. We decided to cancel after our Christmas gifts were delivered. We were happy that we could make use of Amazon Prime without paying the fee. 

Now, a few months have rolled by. We have not yet cancelled because I could not help liking Amazon Prime.

Easy Access and Great Convenience

Why has online shopping gained such a lot of popularity? There are many reasons but above all convenience is the main reason. Isn't it? Moreover, when you go to shop in your locality, you may be disappointed that you cannot find some foods and some luxurious items that you wanted. This is another reason why many people go for Amazon. We too are one among them. 

Initially, we made use of the Super Saving shipping offer from Amazon. It is true that shipping was free of cost in this offer but there is a minus point. You had to order for at least $25 if we wanted to avail the free shipping offer. We did some calculations. That is the time when the truth dawned on us. We were wasting our hard earned money every year to make use of the special offer. We understood that the membership fee in Amazon Prime was far more beneficial. The two-day shipping was an added advantage.

The benefits do not end here. There is another benefit too. Instant streaming of movies and TV shows is definitely a big plus. It is true that this is in the development stage and we have only a few choices at present. Soon you can expect to have a greater choice. In fact, the offerings are more recent than that offered by Netflix. Above all, it is a boon for voracious readers like me. There are tons of books that I can use in my Kindle absolutely free of cost. This is possible through the Library Lending program offered by Amazon Prime. I love the fact that I can have access on all Prime-available books without stepping out of the comforts of my home.

The unarguable benefits like convenience and access to other programs made us realize that Amazon Prime was definitely worth the money spent on membership fee.

Is it really worth the extra money spent?

The answer for this question depends on how frequently you buy from Amazon. If you use it occasionally, Amazon Prime may not be advisable for you. You cannot reap the full benefits of paying the membership fee. However, if you are like us and if you use Amazon frequently, Amazon Prime is a very good option. We regret that we have not started to use Amazon Prime right from the beginning. We regret that we have wasted our money for the past 2-3 years.

You should also analyze your interests, your needs and your hobbies before deciding if you really need Amazon Prime. I love my Kindle and I love reading books in my Kindle. Library Lending is a great bonus to me. Streaming movies and TV shows has captured the attention of my husband. We are assured of enjoying our favorite entertainments in the comforts of our home. We need not pay anything extra for these extra benefits and we are assured of quick delivery within 2 days of time. What more can we ask for?

We have no doubts that it suits us and we have received more benefits than what we paid. We have stopped the DVD delivery with Netflix because we get more by streaming in Amazon Prime. It is left to you to decide whether it would suit you. If you have no interests in the services offered, you have to make calculations before making the payment. Make a decision based on the calculations. If you are sure that you would make use of the services, it is definitely worth the money spent.

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