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3 Fun Ways to Personalize Inexpensive Wedding Favors

Cupcakes as favors
Bottles of wine, Swarovski crystals, even custom fondue pots - some people spend way too much money on personalized wedding favors. It's not necessary to spend $100, or even $20, on every person who attends your wedding, and most of your guests truly don't expect you to. 

Wedding favors are considered an optional, but if you choose to include them, they shouldn't cost you more than $5 a person. You'd be surprised how many options are available for that price, including many personalized favors that display your names and the date of your wedding. These kinds of favors will be particularly memorable, and they add a fun, unique touch to your reception. Here are 3 popular examples of items that will look great but cost you next to nothing.

1. Use Candy

Personalized candy is a way to look like you spent more than you did while keeping your wedding favors fun for everyone. Who doesn't love complimentary candy? There are plenty of sites online which specialize in personalized Hershey kisses, lollipops, and buttermints. You can even get personalized m&ms straight from the factory. They can print a message and even a photo on each individual piece of candy. These can be handed out to guests in tins or simply displayed in candy dishes on every table. 

If you're looking for something even more affordable, get some personalized plastic totes and make your own candy bags, filled with old-fashioned or themed sweets and tied with a ribbon. Of course, with any edible wedding favor, you'll need a plan for how to properly store them. You don't want to hand out lots of chocolate at a sunny, outdoor reception! The great thing about candy favors is there are all sorts of variations and ways to create them, from elegant to whimsical. You're sure to find the right confection for your kind of wedding.

2. Add Stickers

Stickers can be fun on their own, but youll most likely want to use personalized stickers to embellish other favors, like tins of candy, knick-knacks, or other small items. Simply embellishing a plain wedding souvenir with a custom label will instantly make an inexpensive favor look really special. The stickers can include a photograph or just a custom-designed message in your wedding's color scheme, usually saying thank you to guests for attending. You can even place them on a piece of cardstock and include a trinket like a pin or magnet to go along with them. 

These same stickers can be used for your guestbook, decorations, or thank-you notes for gifts. They're made of remarkably durable material, and many sites offer a wide variety of design options, so it's possible to get really creative. Many brides and grooms sometimes question if they should give wedding favors to younger guests at the reception, and stickers would be one idea that the children are sure to appreciate.Wedding Favour

3. Try Key Chains

Key chains as wedding favors might not seem all that upscale at first, but it really depends on what kind of key chain you're thinking of. There are plenty of ways to personalize elegant silver key rings by engraving your names and your wedding date, but for cheap and easy wedding favors, you'll probably want a clear key chain that you can slip a photo or message into. That's where your personalized labels could come in handy. 

Chances are, very few people besides your parents will be interested in a key chain with you and your future spouse's photograph, but keychains featuring pictures of your wedding location or labels that commemorate your wedding like any other big event can often look really stylish. For fancier key chain favors, you might want to embellish with a charm or other trinket. Even consider giving out picture frame key chains with your label on the back side, so that guests are invited to slip their own photo from the occasion in later.

Your choice of wedding favors will entirely depend on the number of guests, location, and style of your wedding. If you've splurged on a big-budget affair, you can still save money on wedding favors by choosing something that looks tasteful and more expensive than it really is. If your wedding is casual or unconventional, you have a lot more room to come up with fun and unique ideas for favors. 

Personalization is the quickest way to make your favors memorable, even if they're not especially fancy. It doesn't take much to show your appreciation to those who took the time to share in your special day.

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