Thursday, August 1, 2013

5 Of The Best Senior-Friendly States To Spend Retirement

When seniors reach retirement, it's often a time to reassess their lifestyle and consider moving to a new location where the weather is warmer and the activities available are plentiful. They may want to reside in communities that have other seniors and in an area that is relaxing with a slower pace of life. Fortunately, there are several states that welcome retirees and offer a picturesque setting for retirement.

1. Arizona

Arizona offers a warm, but comfortable environment for many seniors and even has a lower cost on housing as the average home is $250,000. Between The Grand Canyon and quaint cities that include Prescott and Scottsdale, there's a rich history to the state that is ready to be explored and easy to call home.

2. Florida

There's a reason that Florida is considered the most popular state to find seniors enjoying life and retiring. Florida has plenty of historic communities and beautiful architecture with both coastal living and urban areas. The warm weather makes it comfortable to reside in the state, without taxes on personal income, property, inheritance, and gifts.

3. Utah

With low crime rates and incredible scenery, Utah is home to many seniors for its beautiful weather and plentiful amount of communities for retired adults to be a part of. The weather rarely drops below 60 degrees with over 300 days of sun to enjoy. The different mountains provide a stunning backdrop to the quaint towns and low-key environment. It's also known as a state with plenty of friendly people and plenty of nature to explore.

4. Idaho

For retirees who enjoy the great outdoors without much rain or humidity, Idaho is an ideal state to settle down in. The cost of living varies throughout the state in different communities, but accommodates different lifestyles and is affordable for those on disability retirement. The property and state income taxes are moderate with a six percent sales tax. It also is one of the cheapest states to live in with the median home at $183,000.

5. Virginia

The cost of living is substantially lower in Virginia than its neighboring states, making it an ideal place to settle down for those on a fixed income and living off of savings or social security. The state is attractive for seniors due to its warmer weather and one of the lowest crime rates in the country

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