Thursday, August 22, 2013

Don't Throw a Retired Retirement Party! Make That Last Bash Count

In years past, retirement parties were solemn affairs held to acknowledge the end of a career and to commemorate years of loyal service. Today's active retirees, however, are far more likely to view their retirement as a beginning rather than an ending, and may feel that it is the outdated ideas about retirement parties that need to be retired, not them. Make that last bash for a faithful employee a resounding success with a festive celebration that recognizes that the retiree is about to embark on new and exciting adventures. 

Planning and Preparation

Before any party preparation can begin, you'll need to establish a budget, finalize the guest list, and choose a date and venue for the event. Make sure that the invitation list includes the most important people in the retiree's life, including lifelong friends, as well as family. Today's smart phone applications make it easy to keep all the details involved in party planning organized. A dedicated binder to hold items like itineraries, vendor brochures and guest lists offers a low-tech alternative.

Choose a Theme

For a fun and laid-back party, start by choosing a theme that will reflect the retiree's unique personality. Enlist help from the family and friends to find out about personal interests and hobbies that can inspire the ideal theme. Golfing, gardening, and travel themes are all popular choices. Choosing a theme is a simple way to coordinate all the aspects of party throwing, from the invitations and decorations to the choices for food and beverages.

The Perfect Soundtrack

Parties need an infusion of energy and dynamism to keep the action rolling, and nothing impacts a party's atmosphere quite like live music. A live band will keep the party-goers up and moving, but be careful to select a band from sonicbids that will play music that everyone can enjoy. When you have an atmosphere everyone can enjoy, it can help ensure the whole affair is memorable and fun.

The Party Program

No retirement party is complete without a few toasts, speeches, and gifts for the honoree but avoid bringing the festivities to a screeching halt with a stuffy award ceremony. Instead of allowing each guest to make a speech, consider hiring a videographer that can mingle among the crowd and record individual comments. Create a banner where attendees can write personal notes and congratulations throughout the evening is another great idea.

Retirement is no longer viewed as an end of a purposeful life, but as a chance to discover new adventures and opportunities. Plan for the event as if it's a bon voyage bash rather than a retirement party, and you'll increase the likelihood that the festivity is enjoyable for everyone involved.

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