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Five Reasons Pet Insurance Isn't as Silly as it Sounds

Pet Insurance
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According to The Humane Society of the United States, there are 164 million in-house pets in the United States. Keep in mind that this number may be underestimated. The Associated Press tells us, through information gathered via a survey, that 41 percent of pet owners are at least somewhat worried that they wouldn't be able to afford medical bills for a sick or injured animal. 

Are you one of those pet owners? For you, pet insurance may not be as silly as it sounds. Here are just five reasons to consider taking out an insurance policy for your furry companion:

1.Vets are Expensive

Unfortunately, there's no getting around the fact that vet care is expensive. Many people, in fact, think it's too expensive. Before you balk at your next vet bill, take a moment to consider how much that bill would have been if a human had been treated. 

Veterinarians receive more training than their human physician counterparts, and are required to have a wider range of knowledge. When is the last time you walked out of your doctor's office for less than a few hundred dollars?

A routine appointment that includes vaccinations will cost you between $100 and $250 on average, depending on where you live. Paying this for one pet, once a year is not a deal breaker. But what if your pet is involved in an accident are falls seriously ill? Your vet bill can easily climb into the thousands.

2.Policies Start Immediately

Pet Insurance
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Most pet insurance policies kick in immediately. Some have a waiting period of five to ten days. It's not uncommon for people to tell you to put the money that you would pay for your premiums into a savings account for your pet. 

This makes sense on the surface but what if your pet is hit by a car next week and needs life-saving care? That savings account you started isn't going to pay for you to walk through your vet's door. On the other hand, if you had purchased a policy, you would have the money to pay for the care your pet needs.

3.Veterinary Medicine is Changing

Even a decade ago, veterinarians had limited tools in their belt with which to treat your pet. Today, veterinarian's can perform laser surgery, endoscopy, alternative therapies, physical therapies, and chemotherapy. 
Your grandparents, and even your parents, had very limited options when it came to treating their pets for major illnesses and serious injuries. 

Unlike the previous generations, we have an incredible array of options when it comes to the care of our animals. It's no longer necessary to automatically have your pet euthanized after a traumatic event. 

4.A Pet's Life is Dangerous

Every pet owner thinks that they take fantastic care of their pets, and most do. No matter how well pets are taken care of, life is wrought with dangers for curious pets. Dogs get out of gates, cats push through screens, and pets wander into the road. 

Dogs eat underpants, cats eat thread, and your pet could easily break a leg running down the steps. Don't let the excellent care that you provide for your pet prevent you from purchasing pet insurance. Accidents happen and pets can surprise us. 
Pet Insurance
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The dog that hasn't done anything "bad" for seven years could all of a sudden swallow a tennis ball. Your cat that has urinated without issue for many years can suddenly become blocked. With pet insurance, you can be certain that you'll have the means to save your pet's life.

5.You Have Choices

The first pet insurance policy in the United States was issued in the 80's to the popular television dog Lassie. Since then, pet insurance has turned into a fierce competition. That competition translates into a variety of choices for the consumer. 

You can find a company that provides the type of coverages and deductibles that are right for you and your financial situation. Do you want a policy that includes routine care and dental cleanings? 

You can find it. Do you only want coverage for accidents and major illnesses? You can find that, too. Thousands of people have been able to bring their pets home from the vet thanks to their insurance policy. 

Don't put yourself in the situation of having to decide whether to treat your dog or cat or have it humanely euthanized. Pet insurance guarantees that you have the funds available to provide life-saving treatment for your beloved animal.

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