Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Do You Need Service Contracts for Home Repairs

Proper research before purchasing home appliances is typically the primary concern for most consumers. There are however, many more things to know about product purchases and one of them is the extended warranty or service contract. Although service contractors are regulated, getting an idea of what these contracts are is imperative. 

Generally, service contracts may be referred to as maintenance agreements bought separate from various dealers. The contracts serve the same purpose as insurance policies in that, they guarantee consumers to repair or replace
 their purchases. This outlines an investment that’s a fraction of the repair cost. Service contracts for home repairs were initially sold by respective product manufacturers or retailers although due to extended service plan complexities, most of them have switched to third-party specialists. The firms get paid by the retailers and manufacturers to manage service contracts and offer the needed assistance to consumers. 

Sometimes these companies don't cover all your appliances. Some may cover just your air conditioner and not your kitchen appliances. Find one that deals with all your appliances. It's easier to keep track, you have only one monthly bill to pay, and only one phone number to call when you need help. 

All companies are not alike, some have complaints about their customer service. The best place to look into their consumer relations is the Better Business Bureau. You can find an example what one looks like, for the service company Homeserve. The Homeserve BBB review gives a complete look at any consumer interactions and helps you get a better look at a company you may want to hire.

Service Contracts are mainly categorized into six types of covers, depending on a number of factors. Whenever a customer purchases a particular home appliance, they may decide also to pay for a Date of Purchase extended warranty which will begin on that same day. Otherwise, consumers also have the option of paying for a warranty extension plan which can go up to a year. Other plans include; primary protection plan (for major components), comprehensive plan, replacement plan or a deductible program.

All in all, it is important for people who are considering a service contract to know how to decide on prospective deal. It is apt to first ask for a reference to the contract before making any purchase. More so, consumer should be able to compare the available warranties in order to avoid duplicate covers. It is also recommended that they try and keep copies of the paperwork provided for proof.

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