Friday, September 6, 2013

Empty Nest: 4 Tips For Transitioning Into A Smaller Home

If you are planning on moving into a smaller home, you are in a unique moving situation compared to most people. Space may formerly have been in excess and now it is scarce. Do not let yourself get stressed out before the process even starts. Moving can be an entirely painless process as long as you make sure to think ahead and plan accordingly for your new home.

4. Organize And Plan Your Space

The key to a quick move is knowing what goes where. That means putting stuff into boxes and labeling them. When you label don't just put what is inside the box, but where the box is going. It is recommended that you draw up a sort of rough plan, so you have an idea of how your home will be laid out when all is said and done.

3. Prepare For Downsizing

As much as you might want to bring along everything, you are not going to be comfortable in a smaller house packed to the brim with stuff. Now is as good a time as any to let go of some of those items that you just don't need. You will feel better about it, and your home will look a lot better. A garage sale is always a great way to get rid of some extra stuff.

2. Consider A Storage Unit

Storage units can be a huge asset in the moving process that people don't always make use of. You may not have the time to fully go through every single item that you have lying around. A storage unit is a good intermediary for that stuff you are not sure about. Alternately, you can simply put your extra stuff that you don't want hanging around the house in the storage unit. A tidy storage unit can fit quite a lot of different items. Consider the Storage Center to see the variety of different sizes that storage units are available in.

1. Consider Alternative Decor

Not only is the house you are moving into smaller, but it is an entirely different house. Those huge couches in your living room might be too big, but they may also just not look appropriate in your smaller sized home. Look at this as an opportunity to get a new look going if it seems appropriate. Your old stuff may actually fit in quite well with your new home. However, it will be clear to you if things just do not look right.

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