Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Look for a Job With Future Growth: 5 Industries That Have the Brightest Future

Finding a job that has a positive future outlook can ensure a much longer-lasting career choice. When you are seeking a position with future growth, there are a few industries available to choose from based on your own skills, interests and the type of work you prefer. Finding a job that has the potential for future growth and expansion will ultimately provide you with more career paths and options that can allow you excel financially even more.

Customer Service and Sales

Working in customer service and sales is possible if you are seeking a long-term career as long as there is a marketplace of any kind. When you work in sales and in customer service you can find positions that give you the option of working from home as well as by working locally for a corporation. Seeking out UK sales vacancies that allow you to work out of your home or locally can be done by using job listings near you as well as by searching online.

Once you are online you can begin to search for and compare sales options that are appealing to you. Browsing online using salesvacancies.com is a great way to compare online sales jobs and jobs that fall within the customer service industry.


Working as a freelancer allows you to run your very own home business, launch a website online or even provide services to individuals and business owners themselves who need help with their own endeavors. When you work as a freelancer you can do so on the road or out of your own home, giving you the ability to set your own hours and daily work schedule.

Computer Programming and Engineering

Computer programming and engineering jobs are steadily on the rise, especially with the advent of smart phones and downloadable applications.


If you have a creative side to you and you are seeking a multitude of creative jobs, getting involved in the field of design is highly recommended. Design careers include illustrators, graphic designers, animators and even interior designers depending on your own specialty and the type of work you are seeking out.

Business and Marketing

Working in business and marketing is a viable option if you are seeking a career with the opportunity to excel and to climb a traditional corporate ladder. Business and marketing careers will continue to grow as long as the economy is steady and customers or clients are still interested in purchasing relevant merchandise and services.

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