Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Four Ways To Maintain an Organized Business While Growing

Each of the four methods listed below for keeping your business organized as it grows are born out of a need for managers to work smarter, not harder. Keep that in mind as you try to make sure your business grows and doesn't get out of your control.

1. Streamline the Work

Hiring someone to do intranet development for internal procedures is such a critical part of the process of making sure your business is managed well. You can try to do everything manually, but it is actually much better to have a designer create an intranet system that allows your business to flow paperless, or, as paperless as possible. You don't want to get stuck doing everything when the computer system can do a great deal for you.

2. Sync Scheduling

Using that same intranet system to keep everyone's calendar straight is an excellent idea. Imagine how much simpler it is for everyone in the office to log onto their intranet account and check the main calendar for events rather than trying to handle it all themselves. The less fluff people have to do, the more actual work they can accomplish in short periods of time.

3. Delegate Tasks

You must have a receptionist. Period. You absolutely must put a face on your office's operations, and a receptionist is the perfect person for that job. In the best-functioning offices in the world, from small regional companies all the way up to massive corporations, the receptionist an extremely well-paid employee who makes everyone look good with their acute organizational and interpersonal skills. You can answer the phone yourself, but it will never sound as good or go as smoothly as it would if you had a receptionist whose whole job it was to answer the phone. Having the person on the front line of your business keeps everything feeling stable.

4. Do Not Over Staff

Everyone wants to have all the most talented people in the world working in their office. Moreover, no manager wants to saddle their employees with more work than they can handle. However, in your zeal to be a good person, make sure you don't hire too many people. As the adage says, too many cooks spoil the broth. In this same way, too many employees create overlap, increased salary and benefit expenses, and they just clutter up the office.

This may be the hardest trick to master. If you foresee this area becoming a problem, investing in a training process could help save you from this trap. Finding ways to create order within the office will require a management staff that are fully capable of training new employees. They will create an environment that makes sure everyone stays on task and is organized. Finding quality managers will help drastically in making sure the staff has the appropriate amount of work and won't create any overlap.

Follow each step carefully and we hope that your office stays organized as you work very hard to grow your business.

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