Friday, October 11, 2013

Ghosts and Graves: Boston's Infamous Haunts

Omni Parker House Hotel (Boston, MA)No matter the time of year, people enjoy being frightened. With the booming popularity of ghost hunting shows, more people than ever before are looking for exciting haunts. Whether you live in Boston, are moving there, or are just a tourist, the city has some of the most fantastic ghost sites in the nation.

1.Boston Athenaeum Library

This library may be one of the most haunted private libraries in the country. Founded in 1807, ghosts have been rumored to roam the halls since the 1840s. Take a walk through the library and see if you catch a glimpse of Thaddeus Mason Harris reading the “Boston Post” as he did in life. You can also walk through the Boston Public Library if you’re looking for a scare. Hang out near the restrooms in the basement and see if you don’t get a shiver up your spine. 

2.Omni Parker Hotel

Many guests report having experiences in this quaint hotel. The hotel is so haunted, in fact, that the staff at the front desk has comprised a list of all of the sightings, and they will happily share the list if you ask. If you want a ghastly experience of your own, ask to stay in the single room that is purported to be haunted by a cigar-smoking entity. If you don’t experience any hauntings, don’t worry, the hotel is still full of history. JFK proposed to Jackie O at this hotel, and Malcolm X worked the floors as a bellman.

George's Island

3.Copp’s Hill Burying Ground

If haunted cemeteries are to your liking, you’ll fall in instant love with Copp’s Hill. The spirits seem to roam free across the graveyard, especially at night. Visitors have caught ghostly apparitions on camera, particularly an elderly woman in Victorian dress. Established in 1659, the cemetery is the oldest in Boston and is no longer used for burials. Just because the burying ground isn’t welcoming any new guests does not mean you won’t be bumping into any of the old ones. 

4.George’s Island

If you travel the Boston Harbor, be sure to make a stop at George’s Island, or at least pass by. Keep your eyes peeled for the Lady in Black, a young woman dressed in black robes that wanders, or floats, across the grounds. The woman is said to be Mrs. Andrew Lanier, the wife of a soldier who was imprisoned on the island in 1861. During a prison break gone bad, the male Lanier was shot, and the Mrs. was subsequently hanged for the crime. 

5.Boston Commons

The Boston Commons was an area for a family-friendly walk, or a public hanging, given the day. The historic oak tree on the grounds was the site of many a hanging until the gallows were erected. Also located on the grounds is a central burying plot where some 900 bodies are said to be at eternal rest. If you’re looking for an authentic, ghostly experience, Boston Commons may, or may not, deliver. Visitors have reported seeing several apparitions, while other visitors have reported being let down.

The next time you’re looking for a thrill, take part in one of the many ghost tours available in Boston or, if you’re feeling adventurous, strike out on your own. One of the most haunted cities in the country, Boston doesn’t disappoint. If things that go bump in the night are right up your alley, visit any of the spots on this list.

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  1. Ooh! Love haunted stuff - I don't believe in it but it's great fun, especially this time of the year. Going up to my home state and might visit Boston now to visit these. Thanks for the list!


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