Friday, October 11, 2013

How Businesses Can Stay On Top of the Hiring Process

One of the largest investments a business makes is in its employees and payroll. From health benefits to worker's compensation, employees cost a lot to hire and keep on, but they bolster the company and fly it into higher realms of success. Staying on top of the hiring process is one of the best ways to vet prospective employees, and find top-notch candidates for your niche workplace. 

Paperwork Pile

Although it is a tedious job, screening for drugs and criminal activity is a must before offering the candidate a position. Liabilities abound if a known drug-user operates workplace machinery, and an employee ends up injured. Check that human resources is completing paperwork and research prior to any job offers.

Call Around

Everyone has some professional contacts, but they are often bound by legal protocol. True insight into an individual starts with their friends. Ask for a personal reference and follow up on it. A candidate with only moderate skills may shine brightly after talking to their best friend from elementary school. A workplace is not just a cluster of random people, but forms a unique culture that is either productive or lackluster.

Interview, and Then Interview

You may have several candidates, such as those applying through job listings for media sales, that were actually found through headhunters. Although they have the skills necessary for the position, they may not be completely on board with a new employer. Instead of one interview and an automatic hire, interview the candidate two more times, but under different circumstances. Invite them to a lunch hour to see employee chemistry in action, for example. Candidates looking for an outgoing type of position, like advertising sales jobs, must possess good social skills to create clients and support other loyal customers.

Be Clear

The first three months of employment tells a lot about a candidate. Once acclimated, you see the person's true character on a day-to-day basis. If the employee is unhappy, it shows through immediately after the initial honeymoon period. These three month probationary periods provide a cushion for the employer to remove the candidate, and search for a new person, without the threat of legal retribution.

Employees provide support customers need for continued sales and service. By treating employees respectfully during the hiring process, you reflect potential treatment as a long-term employee. The key to staying on top of the hiring process is clear communication between the candidate and employer, along with thorough research and interviewing.

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