Thursday, November 14, 2013

5 Outstanding Projects To Refill Your Nest After The Kids Fly The Coup

When your kids leave for college, it can feel like a lonely time where the nest is empty. But instead of getting lonely or thinking of the times when they were home, use this new free time to undertake some projects that will make your home a great place for you to enjoy. After all, your kids are likely having a fantastic time away at college, so it’s important that you do the same while they’re gone. Here are five outstanding projects to refill your nest after the kids fly the coup.

Man Cave

Every man needs a man cave. After all, where else can you go to watch sports, have a drink and get as loud as you want. A man cave is also a great home project that you can do on your own. Go get a new TV, put in some reclining chairs, and even put up a new bar for you to enjoy. The only trouble you’ll have with a man cave, is keeping your kids out of it when they come home for school vacation.


Maybe your not into sports or the man cave idea, so instead consider making a peaceful library or home office. All you need is a wall full of books and a comfortable chair to be able to relax in and get lost in a great novel. Home libraries are easy to put in your home, and will give you plenty of things to do once your kids leave for school.

Hobby Room

If you want to be more productive with your time and keep your fingers busy, turn your child’s old room into a new sewing or scrapbooking room. Either of these options will give you something to do with your free time, and you can get quite handy with homemade projects. If you are looking for somewhere to put all of your kids stuff after they leave, consider storage units in Vegas so they can come and get their items once they move into a home of their own.

New Kitchen or Bathroom

If you want to keep your kids room as it was before they moved out, then consider changing up other rooms in your home. A new kitchen or bathroom remodel can add value and flair to your home. You can do something as simple as new cabinets or faucets, or completely rip everything out and start from the ground up. Either way, these new additions will make your home seem like it’s brand new.

Finished Garage

Finishing your garage is another project that will take up your time. And the best part about a finished garage is that it will entice you to get that dream car you’ve always been waiting for. A new floor and insulated walls are great addition to any garage.

You will likely miss your child a lot when they move away. But before you get too upset, consider all the great projects that you can do in your home to keep yourself busy and enjoy your home more.

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