Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Eight Workplace Injuries That May Require a Worker’s Compensation Attorney

Any employee in any industry can be and will be exposed to workplace hazards that can lead to minor and even major injuries. If you are an employee and you are worried about such workplace injuries, a workers compensation attorney can help you with a present case and get you the financial and medical benefits that you need. Here is a list of eight workplace injuries that may require you to see a workers compensation attorney on a regular basis. 

1. Burns

Many employees have experienced getting burned from their job. There are many types of burns which include electrical exposure, chemicals and flames. Employees that are at highest risk in getting burns from their occupation are those who work in the food service industry, electricians and nurses. 

2. Falls

This is also one other most common issues that might occur for those who work in the office. Although many companies might consider this a personal injury, if it happens in the workplace due to the environment or furniture around the office or workplace, it is still a workplace injury. The number of annual occurrence of office falls and slips are around 25,000 cases per year.

3. Foot pain

For those employees who spend most of their work hours standing such as nurses and other professionals in the medical field, foot pain can be a frequent complaint because of those long hours standing. For those individuals who work many hours and are not getting enough breaks and time off may start experiencing unbearable foot pain thus causing them to be ineffective to work. 

4. Crushing injuries

This is another quite common office concern that may be cause from tall bookshelves being over-burdened and falling over. Office employees are also eligible for the same benefits as those in other professio
ns that may be considered a higher risk, such as law enforcement and construction. 

5. Motor vehicle accidents

Those individuals who work in a construction field are frequently at risk of being struck by some type of motor vehicle. Some incidents may unfortunately lead to serious injuries or even death. A workers compensation lawyer can represent the injured party and his or her dependants to make sure that they get financial support from their employers. 

6. Back and spine injuries

In almost any field, back and spine injuries can be an issue. Those who are physical laborers who tend to carry very heavy objects, healthcare professionals who stand on their feet for many hours every day and other workplaces that may be strenuous to the body may cause these types of injuries. A workers compensation lawyer can work with those who experience these types of injuries to gather information about the working conditions in preparing a case. 

7. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This medical condition can actually cause a person to stop working on the computer or doing other tasks related to their job. Cases of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are often linked to poor ergonomics at the work desk. This could mean that they are typing at an awkward angle, poor posture at the desk and repetitive and constant use of a computer mouse. 

8. Heart attacks

Those employees who work in hard labor positions may be pushed so hard in extreme conditions and high temperatures. This could lead to sudden heart attacks and other serious medical problems such as high blood pressure or a spike in blood sugar levels which could be very dangerous.

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