Friday, November 1, 2013

How Money Flows in Game Theory

English: The original controller for the Ameri...
English: The original controller for the American Xbox video game console, sometimes called the "Duke" controller. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Gaming has become a phenomenon that has now seeped into the daily life of the average individual. In Ontario, almost 61% of all households have a gaming console. This excludes those that play on computers and not on consoles. The total number of gamers is far greater. With over $ 1.7 Billion spent according to the RateSupermaket infographic on video gaming cost, Canadians are looking to get out and get amongst the action.

The average games spends roughly $ 900 on gaming. This includes buying consoles and an average of fifteen and a half new games a year. Currently, the Nintendo Wii U is the cheapest console as compared to the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One which are 400 and 500 dollars as each. Consoles depreciate a lot too with resale prices being as low as a hundred dollars for the previous Xbox 360. Canada being the third largest gaming population in the world, almost $84 million being spent on games alone.

This brings to light the growth of the gaming industry which has shifted from its niche arcade roots to games which are as grand as movies, both in conceptualization as well as making. The domain of the rich has had the addition of the geeky gamer in it and the wealth of that gamer is still to grow. In 2010-11, the gaming industry in Canada grew almost over 11 percent making it a market which is not only large with almost two billion dollars being spent in Canada alone but also a market which is growing at a steady and strong rate.

It is not a phenomena now, it is a proper player in a market that is growing with promise. Perhaps the greatest factor is the fact that there are a lot of people who don’t put a price on entertainment, which is primarily what the games cater to. The amount of money they spend on entertainment is a large amount to say the least.

With games such as FIFA and Need for Speed running successful franchises which have been running for over two decades, the demand is undying. And it is a blatant lie to say that only young people game with Canada’s average gamer being over thirty years old. Another surprising fact is the number of females that now play games. In what has been called by draconian sources as a predominantly male society, and in an industry which manufactures and caters to a net worth of close to two billion dollars, females comprise of over 46 percent of the total gaming population.

The gaming industry has created a subculture with its own financial system to ensure that the previously underground circuit now receives as much attention as required. The marketing costs for some game titles run into millions and rival those of automobile manufacturers making much more expensive products. For the potential gamer there are now better and more prudent finance decisions that are available. Buying used games has become an alternative way of tapping into the market of previous titles. Consoles become much cheaper and for the gamer who is simply learning the ropes, getting a decent rig is relatively inexpensive as compared to the amount of entertainment that can be gained from it. According to RateSupermaket infographic on video gaming cost over $300 CAD, over 90 percent of Canadian children are gamers. This observance states that the market for the spending gamer is going to increase massively. If 90 percent of children play a computer game then a lot of them will continue to do so when they become adults and active participants in the market. Hence the way to go for games is only up.

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