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How To Get The Highest Price When Selling My Home?

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Many people are looking around for ways to sell a house while ensuring that they make the maximum amount of profit from the sale. The problem is that most people who ask themselves, “How do I sell my house?” are only aware of the most common method for selling a house, and that is to go through a real estate agent. The problem with real estate agents is that they typically charge very high commission fees, which will take a big chunk out of the profit, you would otherwise be making from the sale of your home.

However, there are other ways to sell your home, and by following the steps listed below, you will be able to sell your house yourself and ensure that you keep all of the proceeds.

Renovate Property

If you are looking to sell your home for the highest possible price, the first thing you need to consider is the shape your home is in. If your home is rundown or not in the best possible shape, then this will significantly affect how much you are able to sell it for. Therefore, the first step before you even consider listing your home for sale is to renovate your property.

Now this doesn’t mean that you need to completely remodel the entire house, and the actual amount of renovation you will need to do depends on just what shape your home is in. If the home itself is fairly modern and in good shape, you may want to just think about doing some work to the property itself. Make sure the yard and garden are in good shape, as well as any other buildings such as a garage or shed. If the paint on your walls is faded or stained, you should think about repainting, as well as fixing any cracks or holes in your walls. Even doing a little bit of work to make the home more presentable will go a long way towards increasing the value of your home.

List Online

Once you have your home in the best possible shape, then you can finally start thinking about listing it for sale. Most people simply choose a real estate agent to sell their home for them, but if you are serious about getting the most money from the sale, then you need to consider listing your home for sale online on one of the many for sale by owner real estate websites and portals, such as These sites charge very small fees for listing your property, and they could end up saving you thousands of dollars by avoiding the high commission fees charged by real estate agents.

Setting up a listing on these sites is also incredibly easy. Just make sure that you spend some time writing a high quality, accurate description of the property. You should also have good quality pictures of the different rooms in the house to let people see exactly how your home looks. By listing your home on one of the most popular for sale by owner websites, you should be able to quickly sell your home and make a large profit from it.

Sell Privately

After listing your property online, you can sit back and wait for people to show interest. If you have interested buyers, you will then need to invite them over to inspect the property. At this point you will probably start receiving offers for your home, and then you can negotiate the sale directly with the potential buyers. This will allow you to have total control over the final sale price, so you can ensure that you sell your house for the highest price possible.

To sell your home privately, all you need to do is find a buyer online, negotiate the sale with them, and then have a lawyer draw up the contracts and paperwork for you to ensure the sale is done completely in line with the law. Overall, selling your home privately through an online real estate portal or website is definitely the best way to ensure that your house sells for the highest price, and also to ensure that you see the highest percentage of profit from the sale.

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  1. Right now, you don't want to sink all of your savings in real estate with the market as bad as it is right now. You could lose it all if something unexpected happened and you had to move.


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