Thursday, November 21, 2013

Making Plans For Your Retirement? Here's How To Get Your Finances In Order

clip_image001Everyone dreams of the day when they can throw away the alarm clock and stay in bed for as long as they like. No, I’m not talking about Sunday, I’m referring to your retirement and all the benefits it will bring. The only trouble is, most of us have absolutely no idea how long we’ve got on this planet, and so it can be somewhat tricky to determine the amount of cash we’ll need to survive. It wouldn’t make much sense to save hundreds of thousands only to pass away at the age of 70 now would it?

With that mind, I’ve written this post in an attempt to help you work out exactly what level of saving is appropriate, and to highlight some of the measures you can take to ensure all your finances are in order before the big day comes. So take a moment or two to read through the advice relayed below, and I’m certain the position I’ll leave you in will be much more favorable. 

Identifying Pension Schemes

Anyone who’s worked lots of different jobs could realistically have enrolled in numerous different pension schemes over the years, and although most providers should contact and inform you about the money they hold, some less than reputable companies will avoid this at all costs, meaning you’re going to have to chase them up. Employing the services of a respected financial planner is usually the best way forward, as they often specialize in helping people with matters like this. Luckily, the industry has been experiencing a significant boom over the last few years and so you should have no trouble locating financial planners in Perth, London, Kingston or any other major city within the commonwealth. 

Cashing Your Investments

People who’ve done well during their working lives may well have invested some of their earnings in the stock market or in some cases even property. If this applies to you, the chances are you’ve done very well for yourself over the years, but now is the time to cash those investments and live off the outcomes. Again, a financial planner can help you with this, and might even be in a position to suggest alternative methods of utilizing the funds to create a stable income, but regardless of their advice, unless the capital is lower than the amount you need, I’d take the money and run. 

Paying Of All Debts

Debtors and creditors are the last thing you want to deal with at a time in your life when relaxation is supposed to be your main pastime. This is why settling all your debts during the early stages of your retirement (or even before) is definitely a good move. Upon completing this task, you’ll know for certain that all the money in your bank is spendable, and this will help you to construct your monthly budgets.

So there you have it my friends. You should now have a much more accurate view of the tasks ahead and what you need to do to get your finances sorted in order to achieve a happy and stress free retirement.

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